Sunday 6 February 2011


If you live anywhere near Sydney, you'll know how hot it has been this week. Bone-meltingly hot. Relentless and seemingly never-ending. Not fun, when you have a little one feeling poorly who has wanted to sleep right on top of you.

Yesterday, was about the hottest day I've ever known in Sydney. By 9am it was sweltering and we were all just puddles on the lounge. We decided to pack up Skip's work car, which has great air con and built-in DVD player in the back and hit the road. We could watch the city melt from behind our tinted windows. Perfect way to do something, keep cool and let Goosey rest in comfort (she's still not 100% from her operation).

We drove south out of town for a couple of hours and had lunch at the first air-conditioned place we could find (McDonalds). We then had a quick late afternoon dip at a gorgeous little beach we found. The sand was searingly hot and you could almost hear the droplets of water sizzle as they hit your skin. We headed home and at 6pm it was still 42 degrees (107 degrees F, for my US buddies).

The night was sweaty and long. A game of musical beds ensued as we all woke and swapped at regular intervals. Lil-lil woke and wailed: "It's so hoooooooot, mum." At about midnight I checked the temperature and it was still 33 degrees (91 degrees F). Ergh.
I think the mercury finally dipped at 5am to 27 degrees (81 degrees F) before slowly climbing again.

We hit Freshwater beach at 7.30am this morning for a quick dip and escape our swelterting home. It almost felt chilly even though it was pushing 30 degrees. Lil-lil sang a beautiful 'I need to do a poo!' song to the hundreds of beach goers. And Goosey fell asleep, exhausted from the heat and trying to recover. At least we were all cool.

So, this heatwave is supposed to end this afternoon and can I just say, about bloody time!

If you live in NSW, how have you escaped the heat this week?


  1. Not has it only been hot in New South Wales but its been really hot (especially the humidity from Cyclone Anthony & Yaris) in and Queensland.

    For the last 4 days & nights we have had the pedestal fan going 24 hours a day.

    Even though the temp up here has only been in the low to mid 30's the humidity has been around the 75's to 90's)

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Isn't it dreadful! I posted about it today as well. Everyone is super tired and grumpy today.

  3. Sooo...I am not a huge fan of air conditioning, but my husband cannot live without it so it runs all.summer.long here and I walk around in long sleeves and sweatshirts.
    Today my friend, I wish I could pack that unit up and mail it to you to keep you guys all comfy and cool.

    Maybe I am naive, I have never been to Australia (as you know) but are most homes not equipped with central air?
    Here in the US, especially in NJ I would say 75% of homes have it centrally installed or at least have removable window units.

    P.S. I just told the hubs how hot it is there and how you don't have air and you should have seen the look on his face.!


  4. Oh my, Corinne. That is something about Sydney I definitely don't miss. Although Hobart's summer has been hardly anything to write home about, at least we don't need air con. You poor darlings - you're in my thoughts. I hope a cool change comes through soon. I'm also thinking about the tenants in our apartment at Ryde without air con,wondering how they're faring. J x

  5. Thank heavens above the cool change has been delivered and it feels almost normal again here in Sydney... if not a little chilly this evening. Your weekend heat escape sounded just perfect. Like you guys, we took full advantage of the beach and had numerous dips in the ocean. The temps are supposed to gradually increase again this week, though I very much doubt we will see a heat wave of that magnitude again for a while.


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