Wednesday 9 February 2011

The non-joiner

Lil-lil is loving preschool. She bounds out of the house every preschool morning ready and raring to go. It's a gorgeous little community-run preschool and I'm so happy we found it.

Except, last night, I found myself at a committee meeting. It's here I should tell you that I'm a non-joiner. Always have been. I've never been one for joining groups, clubs, committees or the like. I'm not really the leader/organiser type. I tend to prefer to fly solo or be part of non-organised slacker groups. I also come from a long line of non-joiners. I think it's possible my mum was allergic to the letters P & C. My dad would squirm at the thought of a group of 'amateurs' trying to run something.

It was one of those meetings where they were urging everyone to join and pitch in. Organise, lead the way, plan. So to find myself at such a meeting was a little confronting. I certainly felt out of place and a little cornered. More surprisingly, when they were talking about needing people to write and contribute to the website, I found myself raising my hand. Could it be? Am I actually a joiner deep down? Could this be the first step to running the P & C one day? What's next, tuck shop duty? Fundraiser organising? Running the cake stall? Am I going to be one of those mums?

Well, you can hold off the application for the CWA and the local tennis association, but a little bit of pitching in won't kill me. Will it??


  1. Tread carefully and beware of the Alpha Mum!

  2. It is about finding what is easy for you. Go the web and make it sound all techy and hard.

  3. Oh i've been on lots of P&Cs, it takes all types, the leaders, followers, friends roped in & those looking to contribute to community. Sounds like a smooth way to glide into the volunteer joining role, you go girl!! Love Posie

  4. I firmly agree with Mrs.Woog.
    While I am a total Type A personality, unless given the authority to be the decision maker in a group situation I will share ideas but I stay pretty quiet. But there is always that Mom out there, that authority or title, she still thinks she is boss!
    Each year I have signed up to be Noodle's class mom, and now in my 3rd year of it I have realized I have very little use for most other mothers.
    They are caddy and snide and all around bitchy in these parts and I really want to look at them and ask, "Really?"
    You live in a suburban community an hour outside of NYC, not considered by any means an extremely affluent community, and yet you strut around in your Uggs like you own the world...what gives????
    Sorry to vent, but I feel as if we volunteer on our children's behalf and in my case at least, end up regretting all the time we spend interacting with people we notably cannot stand.
    At least I do.
    That being said, for my Noodle, I will end up volunterring again and again.
    And again and again I will have high disdain for the other parents.

  5. Haha, I like this alot. My parents were like that too. They even used to cringe at parent/teacher nights. After working their way through 7 kids, by the time they got to me, I'm sure they thought they'd seen it all anyway. I like the idea of canteen/helping out at the school one day. But P & C, hmmm not sure about that one. I think you would do great with the website contributions, go get em! :o)

  6. MMm, I'm a bit of a non-joiner too Rin. You'll be great at doing the web-writing've found your niche for joining!


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