Monday 28 February 2011

A real pearler

For a long time, I've lusted after a pearl ring. I love pearls, they're classic, feminine, unique. Their lustre, creaminess, their sheen. Ever since my brother brought me back a "pearl in can" from Hawaii when I was 10, I've been hooked. The fact that something so gorgeous can come from something so, well, unattractive. I love that they are naturally beautiful, they don't need to be fashioned, cut or polished.

I recently came into a sum of money and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I searched for the pearl ring I had in my head but nothing came close. They were all tizzy and not me. So, on Valentine's Day I stepped into my favourite jeweller and together we came up with a design I loved. Simple, classic and showing of the pearl.

Late on Friday afternoon, I got the call it was ready to be picked up. So, Saturday I dashed over and slipped it on my hand and I've been admiring it ever since. I love that I've given myself something so special and that one day, one of my girls will love it and wear it too. Maybe even one of my granddaughters.

Here it is:


  1. Classic gorgeousness, I love your style.

    I have some exciting news for you.
    This week I'm hosting a giveaway, the prize being a set of pearl earrings! Wouldn't that be the best thing, a new ring and earrings to match?!?

    Felicity x

  2. I love pearls too. They are so natural and feminine.

    I want a black pearl necklace for my collection next. I love black pearls!

  3. Well, good for you, Corinne. Yes, the lustre is quite incomparable. I have never bought one, though, as I worried it might catch on things and fall off ☺. Enjoy your little beauty. J x

  4. Beautiful ring! So simple, timeless and elegant. I dream of having a ruby stone on a ring one day.

  5. What a lovely ring! I have grown to love pearls too over the past couple of years. I love the fact that they look so classic, and go with my favourite vintage outfits.
    My mother (who can be scarily supersticious) always warned me off pearls saying that they bring tears and sadness - go figure?
    My mother in law brought me the most fabulous pearl earings and necklace from Hong Kong, and they are simple and stunning. I have a classic pearl bead necklace and a coule of faux pearl broches. Love it!
    Nic xo

  6. Stunning! So simple, so elegant... I too am the new proud owner of a pearl, thanks to being lucky enough to be at the Oprah Winfrey in Australia Extravaganza! Just divine...

  7. Beautiful Rinno. Good pick. Ex

  8. Gorgeous ring! Such a lovely thing to pass down to the ladies in your family. I love the tradition surrounding passing jewellery down the line, very special.

  9. It is gorgeous.

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