Saturday 12 February 2011

Good timing

Good timing is a beautiful thing.... (Remember this image??)

It's been a big couple of weeks in the Daze house. Tonsillectomies, starting preschool, job promotions, new work opportunities, new exercise programs. Amazingly we've all come out of it relatively unscathed. 

It's nice to be able to take a breather this weekend and look back on it all. Two weeks ago, I kept thinking "If I can just get through the next weeks, it'll all be OK". And look! Here we are on the other side. In one piece. Ahhhh.

Sometimes life is all about timing. Sometimes it feels as if something clicks into place and all the right things happen at just the right time. I love that feeling. It's like the gods are listening to you. It hasn't happened to me for a long time, so I'm really appreciating it.

So this Saturday, I'm grateful for....

* Timing. When timing works perfectly, it's a beautiful thing.

* Blogging. It has brought me amazing opportunities, a couple of good friends and a 'hobby' that I'm passionate about. It's also a brilliant way of getting through times like these. Blog through it!

* Preschool. It's put the biggest smile on my girl's face. I love seeing her create her own life.

* Skip's gift at getting the Goosey to eat and take her medicine. Being in a lot of pain, this hasn't been easy, but Skip has been so patient with Goose and made the process so much easier.

Join in with the lovely Maxabella Love's Saturday Grateful.


  1. Am so happy that things worked out for you Corinne, you certainly deserved it. It's a testament to YOU that it all happened the way it did!

  2. I'm so glad (and relieved) you came through it all ok. A lovely list, especially the last one. I can imagine being hugely grateful about that.

  3. Isn't it lovely to see the forming of that life. And I agree with you, timing is so wonderful when it works as if the gods are listening for once!

  4. There is definitely a pattern of grateful for 'blogging' and 'preschool' this week. And why not? Both are things that I cannot live without. At least, I definitely couldn't live without preschool and I would be a mere shadow of myself these days without blogging, which is virtually the same thing, right!? Happy day to you, Corinne. x

  5. I hope Goosey feels better soon.

  6. i like your blog, really good blog that i seen before...


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