Wednesday 5 May 2010

Thrown a curve ball

I've recently discovered the series Mad Men (I know I'm a little slow on the uptake). I love it! While Skip is away for work I throw it in the DVD player and escape to '60s New York and the advertising world. It's my little indulgence and escape from reality. The storylines are great and the costumes completely gorgeous (seriously, why can't women and men dress like that anymore?).

One part that intrigues me and thrills me is that the women look like real women (ie not Hollywood stick figures). They're curvy, soft and gorgeous and there's not a Madonna-style sinewy arm in sight. It's fairly obvious that Ally McBeal's creator David E Kelly has nothing to do with this show. In the series' first episode even the strippers at a bachelor party have shapely thighs and soft tummies.

It's fairly sad that this fact is even worthy of a whole blog post, that it's so unusual to see women that aren't a size 0 on TV. While doing a little bit of net surfing, I discovered that the stars were told not to diet and even some of the slimmer actresses were made to pad up to create more curves.

Well, whatever, if you get a chance check out this little show.


  1. I absolutely ADORE Mad Men!! And I'm seriously envious of Christina Hendricks' character Joan, damn where do you find fine, fine dresses like that?! I want her wardrobe! She's gorgeous. I love Peggy too. And the storylines, the sets, Don ... oh hell, I love all of it.

    I've just finished Series 2, argh!! Series 3 is on Foxtel apaprently, but as I am pay TV free, I may either need to order it from O/S or obtain it sneakily.

  2. Oh I want Joan's wardrobe too. She makes me wanna be a readhead again.

    I've been meaning to watch this show for so long and have seen bits and pieces. A couple of months ago I bought the DVD and have only just cracked it open.

    Glad to hear you're a fan too. x

  3. AH!!!! So true.... I haven't seen this show and not even heard of it but i can understand there has been a lot of change since then in the industry...

    people just don't want to see the truth, i guess. That size zero is just a farce

  4. Saturday night at our Cinco de mayo party (I know you know about it since you started following my other blog - thanks! I hope you enjoy it!)asked if we watch it and were shocked that we don't as they raved on and on about it.

    I don't watch much tv apart from The Office, and people are floored that I have no clue about shows like Mad Men or, brace yourself, I have never even seen a single episode of Sex in the City.
    As I said, people are floored!

  5. Eleanor - I don't watch much TV these days either. I generally only catch bits and pieces of things. That's why Mad Men is such an indulgence!

    I have seen SATC though!

  6. Snap Rin!
    I just bought the Series 1 and 2 DVD a couple of months ago and am really enjoying it. I want to dress like that!! Really enjoying it.
    I never manage to watch TV these days so DVD series are my only way of following a show. xx

  7. oh i am after a good series to watch - you recommend? I might have to purchase. that woman looks stunning btw - and I too LOVE the fashion


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