Monday 10 May 2010

Domestic ditz

There are some chores I really don't mind doing. I quite like washing up, it really doesn't bother me at all, which is funny as I know some people loathe it. I don't even mind cleaning the toilet or the bathroom. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after doing it – there's nothing like a sparkling clean bathroom.

The one thing I really hate doing is putting the laundry away. More often than not, there is an overflowing basket of clean clothes in my house waiting to be put away. I don't mind washing the clothes or hanging them out of the line. Putting them away is a whole different matter. Why? I really don't know.

I'm a bit hung up on housework today, I apologise as I know it doesn't make particularly interesting blog fodder. I've just sacked my cleaner as he wasn't doing a great job. I kept feeling like the dollars could be spent better elsewhere and I could be doing a more meticulous job of it anyway. So, sniff, cleaner is gone.

Is there one domestic duty that you struggle with? Or is my clean washing phobia just plain odd?


  1. I'm pretty sure that clean-washing-phobia is a world-wide phenomenom. My loathing of putting away clean washing is so great that the fear outranks that of clowns {I know!} I currently have a load of washing on the line that's due to come off, a clean basket I took off this morning next to the line, a clean basket in the bedroom and a load I can't hand out till the other loads come in. Thanks for the reminder...

  2. Oh I hate hanging out the washing, and bringing it in. It makes me feel nauseous. No, really. Cowboy thought I just said that as a joke because I hate it, but I always feel physically sick when I do it. I am starting to wonder if it's some sort of blood pressure thing putting my arms up etc.. or if I just hate it so much it makes me sick! hahaha

  3. There must be something wrong with me...but the putting away...well I like it. It's the final part of the process and to me says job done! Good girl pookie! I hear you on the cleaner though - I know I could do a better job myself but I can't be bothered! Expensive exercise!

  4. Yeah I think the putting washing away job is one of the worst...although as far as I am concerned it is closely followed by any cleaning, washing or tidying. Yep that leaves gardening and cooking. Let me tell you about someone I know (who is closely related) who likes the putting away deal but....she hangs each family members washing in sections. She then puts it into the washing basket in order of whose bedroom is furthest away...which means that when she walks back through the front door she can grab pile 1 - bedroom 1 (their room), oh look here we are at child no. 1's room (pile 2), and so on. Do I need to say that her house is very organised? Very strange that we share the same genes.

  5. I'm a fan of washing the clothes and I'd pass on the dirty dishes anytime. I just love the smell of freshly laundered clothes and putting them out to hang. Folding them up neatly into neatly stacked piles... I'd rather do that then stare at a sink full of dirty dishes.

    I think I've solved my putting the clothes away issue too by using individual baskets for the kids so that they are now responsible for their clothes.... So far it only works with the clothes and not the toys all over the place!

  6. Ah good to see I'm not a alone.

    PPMJ - scarier than clowns! Now that's a fear!

    Sharni - hmm I'm not sure about the blood pressure thing, but run with it I say!

    Beth - I hear you on not being bothered. Lazy should have been my middle name.

    Lanie - I hate to say that I, too, actually hang out in sections and everything in the basket is ordered from how I would put it away. I just can't actually put it away....

    Cinda - I can't wait until I can get my slaves, I mean kids, to start doing more chores around the house.

  7. i am terrible at folding washing and putting it away! i cant stand doing the bathroom either which is why i cant sack my cleaner even though she isnt as fabulous as the one i had before cause i cant bare the thought of doing it myself... thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my mini session giveaway! good luck, rowe x


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