Monday 17 May 2010

Chills and spills

Wow, what a chilly day it is out there. Especially after spending the weekend in the warmer climes of Queensland. Grey and wet, there's not much to do except play-doh, puzzles and drawing next to the heater. So far today we've made play-doh birthday cakes for Dorothy the Dinosaur and drawn some wonderful pictures.

The girls and I did have a little excitement this morning, after being runner-up in another giveaway,  gorgeous photographer Rowe Timson came over to shoot the girls. We frolicked in the park, picked flowers and got some gorgeous shots. I can not wait to see them as I think they're going to be sensational. I've been so lucky to be a runner up in two giveaways this week and in the process met some lovely ladies. I highly recommend you to enter some bloggy giveaways too – hey, like mine below that ends tonight!

Yet, another spell as a single mum this week as Skip is away until Friday. He seems to be away more than he's at home lately, and we all miss him. So expect a lot of blogging to fill in the evenings this week!

Hope you're all keeping snug.



  1. Wish you luck with the single mum thing.... xoxoxo may be a girls' night out... ;-)

    and waiting to see the pics as well....

  2. Urgh...single parenting SUCKS. We had the EXACT same day play dough and all. It was extra long no?

  3. I will take your cool weather if you like. We are having a mini heatwave here and I am not a happy camper.

  4. Sounds like you're finding ways of keeping busy!


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