Monday 3 May 2010

Shamless plug

I'm not one for plugging things on my blog, but this is a little different. Since I started blogging I found BabyMac, she's hilarious, lovely and has access to a kick-arse farm. We've bonded over kids who don't sleep, finding purpose in life and all thing pork. Not only is Beth a mighty talented lady, but she has a talented hubby too.

So talented, in fact, that he has a TV show starting tonight. Yep, a real, live TV show, like on the telly and everything.  It's called I ROCK. My hubby made a TV show with his mates on the handycam that featured a lot of phone pranks on their friends, I suspect that I ROCK will be better (sorry, Skip).

It's a comedy about an indie rock band and has been filmed in Newtown and the Annandale Hotel (one of my fave places to see bands as a youngster). So, support a new Aussie show and a bloggy friend by watching I ROCK tonight - ABC2 @ 9pm.

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  1. Thank you lady - too kind! Appreciate the support x


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