Monday 3 May 2010

Snoozy time

Usually at this time of day I have some lunch and write my blog. The kids are having a rest and blogging is my time out. Today, however, I'm wrecked. I feel about 100. My poor, sweet eldest has suspected pneumonia and I sat up with her for most of the night trying to keep her comfortable. Skip had to go away early this morning for work for a few days. It never rains, it pours!

So I'm going to take the opportunity while my two are comfortably snoring away, to put my feet up and stare at a trashy mag and perhaps drift off myself.

See you tomorrow. x


  1. Sounds perfect.... hope Miss feels better soon.

  2. Hope you got some rest, and Lil-Lil gets better soon! x

  3. Jealous! I sooooooooo need a nap. Maybe next month I will get a chance!

  4. Sleep well dear Corinne and i hope that the little princess gets better soon.


  5. Oh noes! Hope your little girl gets better soon.XO

  6. Get plenty of rest because the little sweeties don't need you under the weather too!
    I hope your daughter feels better soon!



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