Thursday 13 May 2010

Snoozing to groove

Today I feel like a race car, speeding around the track, in desperate need of fuel and some new tyres so I can continue the race. The pits are just ahead, but my engine is starting to sputter, running only on fumes. I just need to get to those pits, can I make it?

To save myself some fuel, I'm going to repost one of my first ever posts. It's feels relevant as, once again,  I'm getting ready to start a yoga class. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, I'm still giving away a copy of The Littlest Witch, please enter as it's open to all my followers in Australia and overseas.

I've been thinking about joining a yoga class. I've tried yoga before and have to admit I was pretty crap at it. Really crap, actually.

I love the idea of it, though. All those poses creating a flexible, toned body. Feeling completely zen and blissed out at the end of class. I even like the idea of carrying around a yoga mat under my arm, so that while I'm ordering my chai latte everyone around will know - I DO YOGA!

The reality is, once in class I can never quite get the poses right. My body grinds, shudders and shakes as my bones click and crack away. I may just get a pose and then quickly collapse while the teacher has her back turned. The worst part comes at the end of the class with the final 5 minute meditation, as I inevitably fall asleep. This may not sound too bad, but I always end up snoring and then have to look around as I'm leaving the class mouthing 'Who was that snoring?' to put everyone off the scent. And this was before I had kids, I'm sure I'll be asleep with the first 5 minutes of class these days.

So why am I considering going back? Well, my back and arm is in complete agony these days after many nights sleeping on the couch while holding Goosey. I need to do some sort of exercise now I've cancelled my gym membership. I need some stress release after looking after two young kids day-in, day -out.

If you see someone snoring away at your next yoga class, please let them sleep – it might the only kip they get!

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