Wednesday 19 May 2010

Hair-curling double standards

This morning I escaped to the hair dresser to tame my locks into something vaguely suitable for public display. I generally hate going to the hairdresser but since becoming a mum, it's an opportunity to sit hassle-free, have a coffee and read some trashy mags.

My hairdresser today was Antonio. A young Italian guy who looks like he could be a model, long curly hair pulled back haphazardly. Not really my type, but definitely attractive. As he was putting foils in my hair we had a conversation that went like this: "Would you think about perming your hair?"
I replied: "No, I don't think so."
"Don't you like curly hair?"
"I like it very much, I'm just not sure if I want to get a perm." Thinking, does anyone get perms anymore?
As if reading my thoughts, he said: "I permed my hair just last week."

All of a sudden, his cool, carefree curls seemed silly. Instead of a trendy effortless looker, he was suddenly a primped poodle. My opinion of him suddenly dropped a few levels.

Then I looked at myself – foils in hair trying to achieve 'natural' golden, sun-kissed highlights, silently judging a male hairdresser for attending to his hair.

What was that all about? Why was it OK for me to get a little 'assistance' to look good, but he couldn't?

It's funny, because I'm generally not really an 'appearances' kind of person. I don't really go into labels, go weeks without wearing make-up (days without brushing my hair), find shopping a complete bore. I don't mind people who do, in fact some times I wish I was more into 'keeping up appearances' but it's just too much hard work. I don't really care what kind of look someone is into – goth, preppie, trendy, mod, metal, bogan – if they're an interesting person then that's all that matters to me.

So why, was I judging this hairdresser? Was it because a male was straying to traditionally female ground? Had I been betrayed my a curly-haired man in past? As I sat in that hairdressers chair, I pondered all the possible deep answers to this curly question. Hmmm what a conundrum.

After racking my brains, the only reason reason I can come up with is that perms are just a little too 1987 for me. Sad, but true.


  1. Your last paragraph took the words right out of my mouth: because he got a PERM!

    Honestly though, I am going to try to stop being so judgemental because I am, and when the show is on the other foot I do NOT cope well. At all.

    But really? A PERM?!

    I am getting my hair done Friday morning and cannot wait!

  2. And by show of course I meant SHOE. Freudian slip to table 2?!!

  3. Oh God, I must admit I suffer from the whole double standard too.. I like my men manly and unfussed with. I'd rather more on the scruffy side than a primped sort. I once dumped a guy because he blow-dried his hair!

  4. I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't know the difference between a perm and a full head of foils, and I kinda like it that way.
    I guess it is a double standard, and I like to think that I wouldn't let a perm stop me from getting to know someone, unless they also had leg-warmers and a crop-top.

  5. Long live double standards I say! There is something so icky about men who spend hours in front of the mirror....and a man with a perm....wrong, wrong, wrong.

  6. funny post Corinne!!! Perms are bad enough but a bloke with one! hahahaha!!! You sure you weren't on candid camera when he was asking if you wanted one too?!!

  7. A man with a perm - ewww!! My husband is almost bald and shaves off the little bit he has left. Very low maintenance - my kind of guy!!

  8. A perm on a guy. Nuh-uh. Call me hairist, but i just can't dig that.

  9. Perms *shudder*. I got one when I was 14... and it caused me to need to chop my hair off.


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