Tuesday 18 May 2010

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so

When I was three, I wanted to be a princess, Wonder Woman or a check-out chick. None of these came to fruition, though there are some days I feel like Wonder Woman, without the invisible plane, of course.
This is why it came as a great surprise to me when my own three-year-old told me what she wants to do when she is a grown up. Apparently it's her dream to open a sushi restaurant.

Goodness, I hadn't even tasted sushi when I was three, let alone had dreams of opening a Japanese eatery. I have no doubt that she'll achieve this dream, too. Lil-lil loves cooking – pretend and real. She always offers to help with dinner and spends countless hours chefing up a storm on her wooden stove. Lucky Goosey gets endless 'meals' made for her.

This morning, with a bowl full of over-ripe bananas sitting on our kitchen bench and the rain coming down outside, we made delicious banana bread. Lil-lil was in pure culinary heaven.

Yesterday, as we killed a wet afternoon looking at the toy section of Kmart, Lil-lil spotted what was more than culinary heaven – it was her culinary nirvana.

That's right it's a toy Japanese restaurant set. Menus, place mats, bowls, chopsticks, tea set, hand rolls, maki rolls, gyoza, nigiri, tempura, agadashi tofu, soy sauce and wasabi. Her eyes nearly popped out of her skull. She's now hoping she opens this baby on her birthday morning. How could I resist?

Also, I'm happy to announce The Littlest Witch giveaway winner. So, congratulations to Sarah! I've emailed you about getting the book to you, I just hope you don't lose it ;)


  1. That is going to be one happy girl when she opens it!!

  2. That is PERFECTION! And congrats to Sarah on the win. My gal's devouring the book at the moment, then it's my turn!

  3. That's so CUTE! Hope she has a ton of fun playing with it.
    My son wants to be a secret agent. Or a waiter.
    Perhaps he could work in the sushi restaurant?

  4. I used to think it would be perfect if I had 3 children and they would turn out to be a doctor, lawyer and hair stylist....a sushi restaurant owner would be right up there. My 8year old grandson has race car driver and actor on his list. When he was 3 we would go to the toy store and I swear that's where he learned math and how to read. He would grab a toy and sit on the floor and study everything on the box.

    Very cute post. Cookin' up something in the kitchen with kids is fun, isn't it?



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