Wednesday 26 May 2010

Damn fine advice

I have been a Twin Peaks fan since the beginning. I have to say it is my all time favourite TV series. When it first screened I used to tape it and watch it over and over until the tapes disintegrated, I kid you not. As the years passed I actually bought the series on VHS and eventually upgraded to DVD. Twin Peaks started also started my love affair with coffee.

For me, there is no better way to wile away a wet afternoon under a doona, block of chocky at my side and a Twin Peaks marathon on the screen.

Today seems like the most perfect day to share one of my most favourite scenes and advice I try to live by:


  1. Oh, I love, love, love Twin Peaks. Like you, I wore out the tapes. What fabulous advice {and oh, every time I watch this I get eyebrow envy - damn!}

  2. Damn fine indeed :). As I'm trying (and failing) to get through my assignment work, I think I'll take that advice and make a nice cup of tea. Not quite the same as black coffee but maybe it will help.

  3. good one rin! You read my mind!!!! enjoy the day...and enjoy the cup! ..Oh, with the piece of chocolate on the side! xx


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