Friday 7 May 2010

Say it aint so

Isn't it odd how one person can say just a few words and it completely rattles you, grates on you, annoys you, while another person can say something (even the same words) and it comforts you, makes you smile.

Why is that?

Is it intention? Perception? Or just chemistry?


  1. When you work it out, please let me know ;)

  2. We are all in this together... so when you solve this puzzle... answer will be appreciated much....

  3. all of the above...but chemistry has alot to do with it I think x

  4. hahaha - this is very appropriate for me today - maybe the difference is if one person is your Mother and the other is your Mother-In-Law. *smirk*

  5. It's a bit of everything really but sometimes it can be just one of those days!

  6. I think it is knowing that persons take on things.
    If they tend to be negative, you will receive it differently than from someone who tends to be more positive.
    Sounds like you had a day somewhat like mine.

    Hope yours got better!

  7. Agree with Michele, all of the above. I would also add it has to do with your existing relationship with that person (perhaps that would be perception). So true though!


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