Sunday 2 September 2012

Internet dating

Things are starting to fall in place for our new life. Skip's entrenched at work, the girls start school on Tuesday and we 'think' we've found a place to live. A place that isn't in the middle of nowhere, that isn't falling down and is actually pretty nice. Anyway more on that once it's confirmed.

Now that Skip and the girls are getting their lives sorted here, it's time to try and find my place here. I know exactly one person here in Dubai. That's our relocation agent and as nice a chap as he is, it's not a friend.

One of the challenges that I've been most looking forward to moving here, is pushing myself a bit. Socially, I'm crap. I hate small talk. I'm socially awkward. I'm not one of those people leading the conversation at a party, it's just not me. So landing in a country where I don't know a soul, I'm going to have to come out of my shell a little. Put myself out there. Get uncomfortable. Now, Dubai is probably one of the easier places to do this as everyone is in a similar situation. From what I've heard, people are friendlier and more willing to let a newbie enter the circle.

It seems that everyone knows someone who lives here. Before I left home, I was inundated with offers of email addresses and phone numbers from people who knew people. I've also had offers from kind people who've read this blog. Funnily enough, I've even had the girlfriend of a family friend email me. Why it's funny is that these people were people my mum and dad met when they were living overseas before I was born and then became lifelong friends. Their son is my age and his girlfriend (who I've never met) lived in Dubai. They all read this blog "Hi, guys!". So the expat circle continues on through the generations.

So, I now find myself in the strange position where I'm emailing strangers and saying 'Hi, I'm Corinne! Want to be my friend?' To say I feel like a loser is a complete understatement.

I do worry that I won't meet people on the same wavelength. I have read blogs on  Dubai mums that scare the crap out of me.

Despite this, I have to put myself out there, suck up my pride and do this or else friends aren't going to come knocking on my door. The girls will get to meet people at school and Skip will meet people at work, and I'm sure I'll meet people through those avenues too but I have to pull my weight.

Have you ever been in a position where you've had to put yourself out there? Have you made friends through cyber introductions (other than blogging)?


  1. You'll have millions of friends in to time. Espec with those shy girls of yours blazing a trail. JB

  2. Wow Corinne, talk about being thrown in the deep end. I admire you preparing yourself to step outside the comfort zone in this way. But I am certain that you'll do great & meet plenty of lovely, like-minded people along the way. There will be lots of opportunities once the girls start school too, so give yourself a will happen xo

  3. Have I ever made friends on the internet?????
    Well....... :)

    On a serious note I will say this:
    I wish my blogger friends I love and adore lived closer to me. Some of these friendships are more real and honest than the people I see and know in my day to day life.
    If I was you I wouldn't worry. Making connections online could be the best thing that pretenses, just real people.

  4. Yes! Had to do it lots. I have to say that Sydney is the toughest gig yet, funny that it is my hometown!
    You will find it easy in that setting, I am confident. It takes a little time, but the friendships will blossom.
    Everyone has something in common with us :).
    Thinking of you guys. xx

  5. Oh I know this feeling so well. When I first landed in Sydney I also knew exactly one person. But I just thew myself out there, took people up on all those offers of meeting friends of friends of friends and slowly but surely a circle started to form. By the time I left, seven years later, I had made many friends for life. I'm now doing it all over again back in England as I'm living in a totally new town. It can be exhausting actually having to make friends and the small talk gets tiring, but it happens soon enough. I found the expat community to be so friendly in Sydney, people were just so welcoming, so I bet you'll have the same experience over there. Good luck! X

  6. I've had to do it more times than I ever dreamt, I also thought that by the time I was in my late 30s it would have settled down... but here I am again, we relocated to Namibia, Africa for my husband to shoot Mad Max 4.. Knew one other mum and have had to "make friends" all over again. It can be exhausting but the kids do make it easier and you have no choice, so enjoy it and nothing is more fun than meeting another kindred spirit. x


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