Friday 14 September 2012

Up, down and sideways

The past week has been busy. B.U.S.Y.

I've been up and down Sheik Zayed Rd too many times to count. We've bought furniture, we've waited for deliveries, I've had arguments, there have been stuff-ups galore. I've pulled my hair out, I've shook my head in disbelief. I've struggled to understand people's accents, they've struggled to understand mine.

There have been times when I've thought: "This is all too hard. What are we doing?" Others when I've thought: "This is awsome".

Best of all we're in our new home and we're loving it. This morning, being the weekend, we went down to the beach and swam and then cooled off in the pool. We had coffees and relaxed. And generally felt lucky and amazed that we now call this place home. I have to pinch myself some times.

It's so nice to be able to take some time to breathe this weekend, there has just been so much going on. I now feel like we can plant some roots and enjoy this place for what it is.

Before we left, my dad said to me: "This experience will be what you make it." So true. I plan on making it fun, memorable and the time of our lives.


  1. Oh Corinne, you are doing an amazing job in an amazing place! I can't even begin to imagine all the challenges you would be facing on a daily basis, so it's wonderful to get some relaxed family time for you.
    How did your blind coffee date go?
    A belated Happy Birthday to Darbs too, he is just gorgeous!

  2. Oh how wonderful that you can still go to the beach and such lovely hot temps to enjoy it too. Another week down, Corinne you're doing so well, challenges and all. You should feel mighty chuffed with yourself xo

  3. In Ukraine, even after 2.5 years, not a week would go by without me being reduced to tears because I couldn't get understood or I couldn't get what I wanted. It was horrible at times... But it's the cost I paid for choosing to live my great adventure! I hope all your furniture arrives. And a few less of those 3 hour school drop off round trips I saw you tweeting about :(

    1. Oh that day was horrible! There was a massive crash I got stuck in the worst traffic. I was half an hour late to pick up the girls from school. Awful!


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