Tuesday 18 September 2012

When you least expect it

Things have been pretty good in our world. We're settling into our new life. Things are good, really good. There is lots to look forward to. Each morning I wake up and think: "Oh we are here, it isn't a dream!"

The kids are finding their places at school. Not without a little bit of turmoil, which is to be expected when you uproot your life to the otherside of the globe.

Skip is working hard and finding his groove.

Me? Well, I'm here. Doing the school run. Trying to make our home a home. I haven't been homesick at all. Well I wasn't until yesterday.

I picked up the kids from school. As I waited for Lil to come out of class, I saw groups of mothers chatting away in French, German and Arabic. I tried to smile and work my way into their conversation, but they nodded and went back to their chat.

When we got home from school I could see dozens of kids playing in the playground. The kids and I eagerly went down to play, burn off some steam and hopefully meet a few neighbours.

There were plenty of kids, but no other mums. Just nannies who'd split off into their nationality groups. I stood and watched and stopped Darbs from eating rocks.

All of sudden I had a pang. I wished I was at our park. I wished I was chatting with my oldest friend about preschool, or our renos (hey, we lived in the inner west) or gossip. I wished I could call in at my good mate JB's and she'd make me a coffee and we'd vent. I wished I could hear a knock at the door and it would be my mum calling in for a cuppa. I wish we could have dinner with our friends and laugh about inappropriate things until my cheeks hurt.

Sometimes, Lil is so intuitive it amazes me. She looked up and said "Who do you miss, Mum?" We talked about who we missed (according to Lil: "Goose misses Ollie. Dad misses Shane and Daniel. Darbs misses Saffron and Emily. And you mum, miss all the other mums") and it made it a little bit better.

I love my own company, I love what we're doing here. I know we'll meet friends here. Just sometimes I wish I could pack up a few people from home, because that's the hardest thing. No matter how many friends we meet and how good our life is, we'll always miss those special people at home.


  1. It's always hard at the start but it gets better. Making friends as an adult and in another country is a bit tricky, hang in there!

  2. Awww lambchops me too! JB xxxx

  3. Awww Corinne, this post is incredibly touching & a little upsetting to read. Big hugs, you're so brave, keep strong & know that all those lovely people will be missing you & longing for your return one day too xoxo

  4. Sending you big hugs Corinne, this post is so touching and did bring a tear to my eye. You are so brave to be doing this move and it definitely sounds like you're making the most of it but I have no doubt your friends and family at home will be missing you too.
    I live 6 hours from my closest family and friends and as settled and happy as I am I do still miss them all terribly at times.

  5. You will get there mate, you know that. It will go in spurts and stops. You will suddenly meet a person you can have a laugh with and suddenly you will have a social circle I promise.
    It is even weirder having to do it in your own country I have found. You come back and your old friends have moved on and you have to start again. I think Aussies can be difficult to develop adult friendships with. I think you will find it easier in other parts of the world.
    Thinking of you. xx

    1. I can imagine how odd it is for you! You were away a long time (and in the country before that). But you will get there too. xx


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