Monday 24 September 2012

Early birds

I have two early birds. And by early birds, I mean early.

Lil has always been an early riser. As a babe she would always wake for the day at around 5am (even after multiple wakings during the night). Even now she likes to wake up in the 5s. I can count on one hand how many times she's slept past 7am. I can count on one finger how many times she's slept past 7.15am. In almost six years.

Goosey was slightly later. She likes to wake about 6-6.30am. Not late, but much better than 5.30am. There's something about starting your day at a time that has a 5 in it that is just crap.

Darbs seems to be following in his biggest sister's footsteps. The past three mornings he's woken up at around 4.30am. Yes, that's right folks. 4.30am.

I know I'm not alone. I know there are lots of parents dragging their fuzzy heads and their bleary eyes out of bed to squawking kids when it's still dark. Fixing cups of tea and bowls of weet-bix on autopilot.

This makes me feel better. I have to admit to gritting my teeth and biting my tongue when I come across that parent who tells me they have to drag their kid of bed at 8am every morning. I just don't want to hear it, OK?

It's not too bad over here, having to be out the door just after seven on a weekday morning means that at 5am the day doesn't stretch out too far in front of us. Getting moving early has it advantages then.

Still I'm looking forward to the day when I can have a little more time in the morning. Sure, my body clock will be completely stuffed up and I'll still wake at 5am, but at least I can roll over and read a book.

Do you have early risers? How do you cope with it?


  1. I know that feeling Rin. I have a few people (quite close to me) who have to wake their kids at 8am too (and 9am on holidays...and they have multiple kids all the same)....and good for them, but it is really hard to listen without being green with envy. I have always hated mornings, and even hate them when I get to bed super early. By the time our kids get dropped at school at 9am, they have been up for hours and hours. I often feel as if I need a nap after school drop off.

  2. I have one very early riser, and I think her baby brother is following in her footsteps, what makes it always feel worse though is those parents who complain about having to wake their kids!
    Our compromise is that on weekends before we turn off the TV we leave it on a kids channel, so that when the kids get up they can turn on the TV and give us an extra half hour until the sun comes up, for just those 2 weekend mornings I can sacrifice the TV viewing limits.

  3. Oh Corinne, that is rough & I am now going to stop grumbling about our 6.15 wake ups. Felix seems to be getting earlier & earlier, especially with daylight savings due to start soon. But it is bloody hard starting the day so early, makes those mornings feel a whole lot longer as a result xo

  4. Yep- Saff has officially joined the ranks of early riser! 5:30 to 5:50 on any given day! I too have been grumbling that the only tine to see the day before 6am is at the END of a big night...


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