Tuesday 4 September 2012

Be careful of what you wish for

A few days ago I started to worry about Goosey's first day of school. In UAE, they follow the British system and start school earlier than in Australia. So, Goose is going to school with her big sister. I was worried that her first day wouldn't be as special or memorable as Lil's. That with all the other firsts going on, this one would get lost in the wash.

I really shouldn't have worried. Goose will always make sure her presence is felt. 

Today was her first day and it started at 4.30am when Darbs decided to wake up. It then continued when Lil went to the toilet and slipped over in a large puddle of water, which I discovered had come from the roof.

While I was trying to sort out the leakage problem, Goose decided to give herself a new school makeover. She cut her hair. It wasn't just a trim either. She cut it ALL off, bar a couple of strands at the back that she couldn't reach. Her golden curls gone, she looked like a weird Billy Ray Cyrus type. This on her VERY first day of school. 

I love Goose fiercely. She's the kind of girl that marches to her own beat. She doesn't really care what others think. She's her own person. She's competitive, she's strong-willed, she's hilariously funny. She's the toughest person I know. She's ended up in Emergency from her own actions all too often. She's the only person, the only one I tell you, who would give herself a short haircut on the first day of school.

When she realised just how bad it was, she cried and said she wanted to go back to Australia. I did the best I could to tidy it up, she plonked her hat on her head and off we went. 

On our way, I suddenly heard a massive POP and then a thud. I had a flat tyre.

I called Skip. He was going to come and change it, but I reminded him it was 40 plus out and dusty. Not good when you're in a suit and have meetings to go to. Also, I didn't know if I could direct him where to go. The hire car company practically hung up on me, not before telling me they didn't change flat tyres. Our relocation agent said he'd love to help me, but he was in  Abu Dhabi.

I sat and thought. I'd never changed a tyre before. I looked at the tools in the boot. I looked at the spare tyre. Sweat started to drip off me after mere seconds.

All of a sudden a man pulled up behind me and before I knew it he was changing the tyre for me.

Woo hoo!

We made it to school.

On the way back, two cars collided in front of me on the main crazy highway. I had to swerve to miss them.

Nerves jangling. In need of a drink. I got home.

So I'm fairly certain Goosey's first day of school will be memorable. Not always for the right reasons, but memorable none the less.

Golden locks no more.
Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Best of all he didn't murder me. 

Goose decided to keep her hat on all day. I have no idea why....

The school is in the shadow of a landmark!


  1. A memorable day indeed. Glad you survived and thank God for the kind stranger who helped you. I would be at a lost too. Hope you had a drink or two to end the day.

  2. Shit Corrine, I hoped you tucked into some chocolate or something after that kind of start to the day! x

  3. O.M.G! You just couldn't make that stuff up Corinne. What a day! A drink indeed... a bloody big drink I think. Oh little Goosey, such an individual. Love the pics and SO glad your knight in shining armour didn't murder you, you make me laugh xoxo

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  5. OMG Corinne my heart was in my mouth reading this - what a day!!! Certainly a memorable one, no doubt about it... Happy you survived with your sanity intact x

  6. now thats my girl! CLASSIC Goosey material! Hilarious but im sure it wasnt at the time... Oh rin - all her gorgeous curls - gone! At least her new haircut is ideal for the hot weather conditions! Ah the ever-practical Goose xx

  7. I'm dying to see a photo of her haircut! That is so funny. She is such a classic kid! Excellent first day of school memories for many years to come. xx

  8. Sorry lovely - shouldnt be laughing. We are all there with you in spirit!!
    Chin up and just take it all in your stride ... you will look back on these days and smile and realise you are awesome for keeping your sense of humour throughout them ... xxx

  9. I am rendered speechless.
    Suddenly my shit day yesterday seems like a friggin picnic!

  10. This is the stuff great stories are made of! Though I'm sure it wasn't too pleasant at the time. I'm glad a good Samaritan happened across the two of you. That happened to me, too, on a lonely stretch of highway long ago. There are some really good people in the world (to balance out the not-so-good). Here's hoping Goosey's hair grows back quickly!


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