Wednesday 26 September 2012

School holidays saviour

My kids were disappointed to hear that it was school holidays back in Australia. "You mean all our friends aren't going to school?" Lil said.

"Yes, but you had quite a few weeks off yourself, remember?" I replied.

Last school holidays, one of the highlights was my friend and artist Michele Morcos coming to my house to do a workshop with the girls and their school friends. They had a great time and the first things that they hung up in their new Dubai bedroom was the bunting they created. I'm sure they look at them everyday with love.

Michele has told me that she's leading another workshop these school holidays and, believe me, if we were in Sydney we'd be there. Shell is so good with the kids, she's enthusiastic and lets their imagination run wild.

If you're like me and prefer to let your kids do the messy art stuff with someone else, at some place else then this is for you.

It's next Wednesday, October 3 and it's all about Botanical Printing, so your kids can get back to nature and get knee-deep in paint. Check out the website or Shell's blog and if you go say that I sent you and give Shell a big smooch for me.


  1. ohhhhh big smooch to you too lovely!! Thank you xxxx

  2. Oh that sounds totally lovely, what a clever friend! If I wasn't already double booked for next Wed (hmm yes, difficult scenario I'm yet to work out) I'd be very interested in the workshop. Will go and take a peek though and keep in mind for future occasions.
    Poor girls, it's hard to understand how the world operates and the differences from country to country... I would have been the same at their age ;) xo


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