Friday 31 August 2012

One year

Life can change so quickly, it can put you in so many different situations so fast your head will spin.

This time one year ago I was in hospital, quickly deteriorating with severe pre-eclampsia. Being rushed in surgery to have an emergency caesarean and my beautiful boy came into the world two months early.

I was unwell, scared and desperately worried about my little boy. But he grew quickly and got so strong and so healthy. He developed his little personality and cemented his place firmly in our family. He's so adored and so loved. He charms everyone he meets.

Twelve months ago, he was tiny and frail. Light as a feather. Now he's chunky and rolly and weighs a ton as I carry him everywhere.

Twelve months ago, he needed a respirator to breath. Now he yells with such force he can turn heads in a busy street.

On that surreal, emotional and terrifying day 12 months ago I never imagined I would be in that position. Surrounded by concerned doctors and nurses. On that day 12 months ago, I never imagined that we'd be celebrating his first birthday in the Middle East.

I'm just thankful that my beautiful boy is here with us. Happy birthday, Darbs. You complete our family. xx


  1. Happy Birthday Darby!!!!!
    Love from your US friends!


  2. Beautiful! Enjoy the day! Xx

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Darby! What a year it's been Corinne - you've handled it all with good humour and grace as ever x

  4. Wow!!! Congrats on making that first year with your very precious and little miracle boy. Reading your blog was like re-living my birth with our daughter 2 years ago and I still get teary and emotional reading and hearing these experiences.
    I too had severe pre-eclampsia and she came into the world 2 months early also. Its gut wrenching to see them so tiny with all those tubes and then theres the time spent in NICU. Fortunately we were only in there 2 months (seemed like a life time) but know there were many other families in there for a lot longer.
    Being able to look back but more importantly how far they have come today is something you never take for granted. It's so special and especially that first birthday. Enjoy your day with him and i'm sure there will be loads of cuddles shared around. Well done to mum and dad too!


  5. Wow, I cannot believe it's been a year. Happy birthday beautiful Darby. Big hugs from Oz xx

  6. Happy birthday gorgeous little Darby D! What a fabulous end to a year that began so rocky - Well done to the both of you xx

  7. yay mr D!!!! Happy happy first birthday my tiny champion! I hope youre enjoyin what the middle east has in store for you on your special day! Its the start of the weekend too... so i hope you have a fun day with all the family! lots of love aunty shellxxx

  8. Happy Birthday D!

    So much has happened in these 12 months. I look forward to photos of his toddlerhood in the desert!


  9. Oh this gave me goosebumps! Happy birthday to your beautiful little treasure xx

    (PS as a former sufferer of high blood pressure, am now a little scared this could be my fate too! Will be extra vigilant, thanks for the reminder xx)

  10. Oh Wow Corinne, it has been a year! I remember that time very well, your posts made me feel so sad for what you were going through. It is just amazing the changes that can occur in the space of a year. Look at your beautiful big healthy boy now. Well done to you Mama & Happy Birthday to the little man xoxo

  11. Belated happy birthday Mr Darby. Hope you had a lovely one. Love to your family. xxx

  12. What a gorgeous boy! From one Darby to another.. a happy 1st birthday!! What a beautiful post - so much can happen in 12 months and he is one cheeky looking babe xxx

  13. happy birthday to your little man, what a sweet pic of him.
    all the best with your new adventures ♥


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