Saturday 29 September 2012

Breaking my average

The other day I read a sweet post by a wonderfully special blogger called Cherie. It was about how everyone is good at something. It's an idea that I've always believed in and preached to others. It made me start to think about what I was good at. Really good at. What is my special talent, what is my thing.

You know what? I couldn't think of a single thing. That made me sad. At school I did well, I was bright and always in the top 20% but I never excelled at anything. Since then it's been the same. Perfectly average.

I kept thinking about it. Surely there must be something. If I asked my family and friends they'd probably say blogging, but I'm pretty average at that. I've been setting up our house and realised that I'm not as good at interiors as I thought I was. Fashion definitely isn't my thing. Even as a housewife I'm pretty damn average. I don't mind mess. I'm a lazy cook. I'm not good at exercise or sport. I'm not a hair or make-up person. I'm not arty or crafty.

The more I thought about it the more down I felt. I thought and thought and the closest I come was that I'm good at remembering trivia and I'm good at reading maps. Wow.

Being in a new country and having to start a new social circle from scratch I've had to think more about who I am. How other people see me. That old familiarity of old friends is gone. You meet people and almost have to sum yourself up in a few minutes. How will other people see me? How will they perceive me?

To be honest, I think all this thinking has made me realise how I've let myself slip away a bit. I've let the responsibility of being a mum and wife be too all-consuming. Which, ironically, isn't good for the kids or Skip, because who wants to live with a dull person?

So breaking the rut and the routine of home has made me realise that I need to find something I'm good at. Something that excites me.

Now, where to start....


  1. Great post and you're not the Lone Ranger. I feel exactly the same way including only being able to list "good at remembering trivia" as a "talent". I can't even list the map reading as I'm rubbish at reading maps. I could probably say that I'm good at spelling. Of course that's really useful when everyone uses a spell checker and predictive text these days. I think you make a very valid point when you mention that being a wife and mother becomes all-consuming. If only we all had the time to concentrate on developing more talents!
    Thanks for the great posts about life in the Middle East. I'm really enjoying hearing about life over there.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. Maybe we could go on Who wants to Be A Millionaire together?

      I'm glad you're enjoying the posts from Dubai. There are a whole lot more to come! x

  2. Oh Corinne, this post speaks volumes to me, it really does. I have being thinking this about myself more and more. I do not excel at anything particularly. I always give things a shot, so maybe I could say I'm good at giving things a go... but as far as being a star at any of them, I'm not. What's even more depressing is I always wanted to be a wife and Mama and thought that would be 'my thing'. Now most days I'm a bit of a battler at that too, haha, so I'm yet to find the thing I'm really good at. Just quietly, I think you're a fabulous blogger & writer and a beautiful Mama :) xoxo

    1. Aww thanks Julie. Just quietly, I think you're a baking queen! Your treats look incredible! Plus you're the best commenter on this blog, at that you do excel! xx

  3. oh corinne, I think your blogging is far from average! we never see ourselves the way others see us, sometimes it's really hard to see all the good bits, when they shine clearly to others. I can totally understand the losing yourself in motherhood part, especially with your smalls are so close together, as are mine. the responsibilities of motherhood seem all consuming and there is NO time left for ourselves! I hope your new adventures and environment give you the boost you need to find those special qualities in yourself - that have no doubt always been there ;) x

  4. Corinne, I read this this morning (because I subscribe to your blog. Because you are wonderful. And a wonderful blogger), & I thought your perception of yourself must be so ... skewed!

    We've only met once, but I remember how stunning you looked in that incredible red dress. But more importantly ... I remember feeling INSTANTLY comfortable around you. Like we'd been friends forever. And we'd only just met?! (& I'd just like to add I feel instantly comfortable around scarcely ANYONE!).

    You just have that ... QUALITY in your personality. I didn't want to leave your side, but then I also didn't want to seem like a lemming.

    So this in itself, is a quality. That you can make people feel comfortable, because of your beautiful personality.

    So many people feel like they need to dominate conversations to be liked.

    I have always disagreed. Sometimes it's nice to sit back, & listen. It's the people who do that that I notice the most. Always,


    1. You are the sweetest person I've ever met, Cherie. No doubt. I think that sometimes people meet and click straight away and I felt the same with you, like I'd known you forever.

      I guess I was looking for something more tangible though. Like a hobby or a talent or something. Like Corinne is a natural at ... Just trying to find the [...] My special talent.


  5. Corinne is amazing at...
    taking risks, embracing change, tackling new challenges and cultures, writing, articulating, mothering...

    And I've never even met you!
    :-) xxx

  6. I've only just found your blog but I think for what it is worth I think you are a writer. Not a bloggy writer, but in the sense that that every one of your posts I have read so far, you have written something that has had me nodding and saying "yes I get that, I understand that, I feel that". I think you write honestly. I think you connect with people.xx

  7. * I meant to say "for what my two cents of advice is worth:)

  8. Oh my goodness Corinne. I agree with what everyone else has already said.
    Thank you for sharing this post Corinne, each time I read you get me thinking and that is a special talent.

  9. Hey - you have been a great friend to grow up alongside since the days of 7 Red .... that's something you have been very good at (and continue to do so)!!!! X

  10. I bet you excel at something, you've just forgotten what it is because it's become such a part of you that you take for granted. When you remember what it is you will be very proud. x

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