Friday 21 September 2012

We have snow business in the desert

Yesterday I had a bit of a sniffle, then I started to feel a bit sweaty and feverish. Then I realised I wasn't feverish, the air con wasn't working. It was supposed to be fixed by 6pm last night, but 6am today it still wasn't on.

When you live in a city where it's 40 plus during the day, you really want the air con to work. Really.

So when we were sweating by 7am, we knew we had to do something. What else do you do when you're in the desert and need to cool off? Hit the snow of course! Yes, that's right, the heat hasn't gone to my head. A shopping mall just 5 minutes from our home has an indoor ski slope and snow park. Dubai at it's craziest!

We were the first people there Skip and the girls pulled on ski suits, poor old Darbs wasn't allowed in and had to watch the snow bunny activities through a glassed viewing area. Skip and I took it turns to go sledding and tobogganing. The girls had never seen snow before, and I still don't know if this really qualifies... Whatever, they had an absolute ball. To tell you the truth, this is my kind of way to do the snow. You go in, they give you all the gear, you hand it back when you finish, no freezing cold winds, not driving through snow, no cold wet gear.

This afternoon I plan on swimming and making a few sand castles with the kids. Where else than in Dubai can you ski in the morning and sunbake in the afternoon?!


  1. That is bloody incredible Corinne, amazing stuff. I'm with you, like the idea of a little frolic in the rice powder...but wanna be back to warmth & sunshine & short wearing the same day. Your littlies must be having so much fun over there...well except for poor Darbs, maybe next time bubba! xo

  2. I love the extremes of Darbs in singlet & nappy......while a few meters away, the rest of your family is kitted out in snow gear!! Like you say, only in Dubai! Jackie

  3. What a LIFE!

    I want a mall with an inbuilt snow park, ha!

    I am loving this journey of yours,


  4. How awesome is this! I have never seen snow and I'm thinking this might be my kind of snow, no wet cold days full of it, just in and out when you've had enough!


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