Saturday 15 September 2012

Pinching myself

Late yesterday afternoon, as the sun started to slide down the sky and the fierce heat started to melt away, we went to our pool and beach. Our pool and beach!

We splashed in the tepid water of the gulf and the kids made sandcastles.

Feeling hot we decided to cool off in the pool. The water is chilled, making it beautifully refreshing.

We swam and played and laughed. I looked around and had to pinch myself. This isn't a holiday, this is our home.

How lucky am I. So lucky, I can't believe it. I don't know what I expected when we moved here, but I didn't expect this.


  1. Wow Corinne!! No wonder you're pinching yourself. I know it must be so hot over there but this would help to compensate greatly!

  2. I can see why you're pinching yourself! It IS like a holiday resort, beautiful! I am envying your lovely warmth right now, it has reverted back to cold temps here in Syd. Sunny but way too cold for my liking. Soak it all up Corinne, living the dream xo

  3. How fabulous! Soak it up lady xx

  4. Absolutely stunning.
    A permanent (ish) holiday.
    :-) x

  5. Ok not jealous at all, not one little bit. Not even when its freezing cold, I am up at 5.30 am cleaning my bathroom at 6.00 for the MIL visit.. no, no no would rather be here cleaning my house in the cold.. jb!

  6. AMAZING!!!!!

    I am blown away that the beach AND POOL belong to you!


    Any chance Dave could get a job working with Skip? ;)


    1. Well, it belongs to us and everyone who lives here in the complex!

      I'm sure Dave could get a job here! How cool would that be? xx

  7. Looks like you're settled in already!

    It was the same in Singapore, life felt like a holiday for the entire 2 years.

    Enjoy xx

  8. Oh yay, your settling in! I can see where you are living (nice choice). You will find there are quite a few Aussie's in the area and if you have not discovered the Aussie bar yet... stay away. It is reminiscent of a really bad 1990's RSL.
    I move this week and once life calms down let's do that coffee!

  9. Oh dear God take me with you! Looks divine, enjoy xx

  10. Love the new home!! Looks awesome! Also digging the new logo love...


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