Tuesday 2 October 2012

Finding our groove

Day by day our routines become a little more entrenched, this place becomes a little more familiar. The odd and the perculiar are becoming the norm. Slowly it's becoming home. Which is exactly what we wanted.

Lil performed at assembly this morning and on the weekend we bumped into people we know at the mall. Sure signs to me that we're not visitors but residents.

I'm really excited about this place being home for a little while. It's a different life, but a fun one. One we couldn't have in Australia, do we're making sure we enjoy it.

I've noticed how much the girls have grown already. Their identities are stronger. As a family I think we're stronger.

I've even noticed that my own perceptions and notions of the world are changing. Which is brilliant.

At the moment I'm living my dream.


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