Thursday 31 January 2013


This week hasn't been one of my best. I've had this revolting cough that wakes me up and leaves me gasping for air. The kids have been out of sorts and not wanting to go to school. Nothing terrible, but just not great. Just plodding along to the finish line of the weekend.

Then yesterday, I was driving through a car park when some one decided to reverse out of a spot just as I was going past them. They jumped out of the car asking why I hit them? I asked why they reversed into my car? In Dubai, police have to be called for every single accident, no matter how small. So we waited in virtual silence, both looking at our cars and shaking our heads. The police arrived and got each of our stories, the cars had not been moved. The police then do their report and hand the at fault party a red copy and the other person a green copy. Thankfully, I was handed the green and the other person got the red and a traffic violation.

This all happened on the way to school pick up, thankfully my friend waited with the girls until I got there. Darbs was non-plussed about the whole event.

Last night, I felt exhausted after the adrenalin had worn off. That hollow tired feeling. And that moment when you know your car is going to be hit kept replaying in my mind and in my dreams. I kept thinking 'why did I go to that part of the car park?' stupid thoughts, but there nonetheless. I look at my poor car this morning and felt ill.

Oh well.

Today hasn't been much better, but that means things have to improve doesn't it? Thank god, it's the weekend.


  1. Oh Corinne, you poor love. Those little incidents/accidents do leave you feeling quite ill, totally understand. These things all have a habit of happening when you're feeling a bit down and out. Hope the weekend restores some serenity to your household xoxo

  2. Woah, I can imagine how disconcerting that must be. Get well soon lovely xx

  3. oh lovely... I wish I could give you a hug. I hope you feel better soon... and that the weekend brings a little bit of distance from the events of the week xxx

  4. Sending lots of love to you Corinne, car accidents are awful, and the fact we have to get back in the car after them doesn't make it any easier as it makes us keep reliving them. I hope you have a lovely weekend and things turn around soon as I'm sure they will xoxox

  5. I hate those kinds of accidents, you always second guess yourself even though you didn't do anything wrong. We had a car park incident the other week with a skylarking teen and his BMX. He jumped out from a solid concrete wall off the retaining wall that was behind it and landed on my bonnet as we were exiting the carpark. No helmet and no ID. Police called and I'm sure he had a sore knee that night as it pushed my front quarter panel in! All that time waiting for the police I was replaying the accident, wondering if I was at fault. What i keep thinking about is that his head could have connected with the car and not his knee, makes me sick just thinking about it.


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