Friday 11 January 2013

Getting back on track

A week ago, while our mums were still here, Skip and I grabbed an opportunity to take a night away.

In the past five months, opportunities to spend time together without the kids had been very few and far between. Knowing the kids were in good hands, we booked into the Meydan Hotel, a stunning place with luxurious rooms and a lobby that had my eyes popping out of my head.

The part that thrilled Skip the most? The fact that our room's balcony overlooked the racecourse. The enormous grandstand at Meydan houses all the racing facilities plus a five-star hotel. Incredible!

Being able to watch the night races from your balcony was pretty spesh. In fact, you could probably watch them from the kingsize bed, which is about as good as it gets for Skip.

We ate at the restaurant - prawns & lobsters - watched the races, talked without being interrupted and ate without kids whining. The biggest difference between Aussie and Dubai races? The quiet, there was no cheering or whooping, it was quite eerie. After stuffing ourselves with seafood and the races over, we decided against another drink and a shisha and collapsed into the comfy bed instead.

The morning brought a breakfast buffet (I do love a breakkie buffet) and then back to bed for another snooze. Bliss.

The hotel has 24-hour check in, so you check out whatever time you checked in. Brilliant idea! And it gave us the whole day, no rushing to check out at 10am.

We made the most of the day and snoozed until it was time to head to the movies. The grandstand is so huge that there is an IMAX cinema in there too, so we went and watched Les Miserables which was great, even Skip enjoyed it.

Then it was finally time to head home. I actually started to miss the kids by then. Fifteen minutes at home in the chaos and it was all just a lovely memory.

The view from our private balcony.

Skip, pretty happy with our accommodation. 

  • The following morning.

This post was in no way or shape sponsored. Just wanted to share our wonderful 24 hours. 


  1. I'm glad you two had a chance to be alone. I never thought about how hard that might be in your situation.

    Have a gorgeous weekend my lovely friend. I for one, am thankful it is finally Friday around here!

  2. Oh so nice to have that time. Recharge the ole batteries. Nice blog x

  3. WOW Corinne, that looks incredible. I can see why Skip was in 7th heaven, had to laugh at the comment about watching the races from the king size bed, haha, Scott would think that was pretty awesome too. So nice you were able to do that while you had support over there, very important to get some time out together... and especially as you guys are doing it all pretty much on your own.
    Oh and I LOVE a buffet breakky too, I see it as an excuse to sample everything, haha. We had two mornings of buffet breakfasts while we were away last week, Mmmmm! xo


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