Wednesday 23 January 2013

Can't stop progress

Skip often says to me: "You can't stop progress." Sometimes as a joke, sometimes serious, sometimes just to fill a silence as I think he just likes saying it.

There has been so much change in our lives of late. The obvious change of moving overseas and all that entails, but also more subtle changes in the family dynamic as the kids grow and mature. Some of it wonderful, some of it difficult and tiresome.

Skip and I have been together for more than 15 years, which for a young pup (ha!) as myself, is a pretty long time. I'm definitely not the same person as I was when we met, and neither is he. Thankfully, we've managed to grow with each other and (mostly) still like each other's traits - I know my antics in the kitchen and my snoring drive him crazy and probably always will.

We were sitting on the couch last night and I looked at Skip and something really hit me. In the past few months he's really soaked up all this change. He's been so open to it and is enjoying it. I've loved seeing him do things he wouldn't ordinarily do, try new things, socialise with people of different ages and backgrounds and talk passionately about topics he would have glossed over in the past. He even ate Indian food with his hands, like they traditionally do. That's a big thing for him and his messy food issues (see kitchen antics above) and I so wish I was a fly on the wall at that lunch!

Looking at him last night, made me realise that I was more in love with him for it (and not just the hand-eating Indian part, I'm not that odd). I realised that change is often good and it can turn a decent relationship into an even better one. I'm glad I'm not that 21-year-old I was when I met him. I'm glad that you can't stop progress.


  1. I love this Corinne. It's nice to feel that about your partner....thanks for the reminder! Here's to the next 15 and then the 15 and15 and 15 after that x

  2. What a lovely post. I hope he has read it xx

  3. You're in Dubai!!! How exciting! I love change and I love that you see different aspects of your partner in periods of change that you wouldn't see otherwise, as you have so beautifully said here. Looking forward to hearing about your ME adventures. Mel x ps thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :-)

  4. This is great because it is so, so true!
    There are times I look over at Charlie and am almost blown away by how much I love him and how very different that love is from 13 years ago when we first started dating.
    It's pretty powerful stuff when it works out, isn't it?


  5. I love change - well good change - but I only like it if I have a support team with me along the way. It is lovely to read that you guys are a great support team together.

  6. I really get this Corinne, as I will often look at Scott in that same way. And funnily enough in the 12 or so years we have been together, we have both changed a lot too. Though he still remains the kool kat and I'm still the worry wart stress head, haha! By Indian with your hands, I am taking it you mean using the naan bread to pick up the curry and rice?? So great to hear you're all embracing the change and new lifestyle so passionately xo

  7. And so the love grows.
    Love it.
    :-) x

  8. Really enjoyed reading this Rin, resonated with me.
    Have been thinkIng of you lots over in Dubai, but as usual don't ever seem to have time to do anything. I always read your blog though, I find it lovely to be able to check in on how you are all doing.
    I am so glad the move is doing good things for you all. Love to you all xxx


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