Thursday 10 January 2013

And they're gone...

The best and worst part of living overseas? The visitors.

We've had our mums here for the past couple of weeks and it's been really nice. Just spending time and chatting. Being with people who know you well and you can relax with. It was wonderful to have their visit as something to look forward to, as well.

They left late last night. This morning, I've been tidying up the house. Getting it back to non-visitor state. Finding items that were left behind. It feels quiet, sad and a little lonely.

Even though, I love living here and don't want to return to Australia, it's sad saying goodbye. It's sad not having your loved ones nearby to call on at a moment's notice. Knowing that the kids will be bigger, older, different next time we see them.

I've spent the morning hoping they enjoyed themselves, that we didn't drive them too crazy, that I wasn't too moody, that we showed them a good time.

Today feels like going back to work or school after a long holiday. Having to get on with it, everything feeling a little different and strange. Knowing the normal routine needs to return, missing the holiday routine you created.

So while it's lovely having the moment where you reunite with family, the downside is that moment you have to say goodbye. It makes you miss your old friends and family just that little bit more. While I'm happy here, you do miss the comfort of old friendships and people who know you well. As time moves on and your out of sight, you hear just that little bit less from people too, which is normal but a little sad.

So this morning I'll mope for a little bit. Then I'll suck it up, laugh with some new friends this afternoon and look forward to a weekend spent with my little family of 5.

Gorgeous, scented blooms left behind as a thank you. 


  1. I actually can't even imagine what that goodbye would feel like.

    I also seriously relate to the 'hearing from people just that little bit less & less'. Although I'm not in the middle east, I actually felt the same post Motherhood (with zero Mama friend's myself).

    I hope you're enjoying it, & basking in the excitement of new friendships!

    Much love to you,


  2. I've moved away from family and friends too (though not as far as you!) and feel the same every time family and friends leave.

  3. I just cannot imagine you moody!

    You are allowed to feel shit for a bit xxx

  4. I remember those goodbyes. Especially after I had Abi in Singapore, I remember the night Mum flew out. I felt sick and lonely thinking, no more visitors till xxx.

    Chin up hun, remember how blessed you are and plan another holiday I say ;)


  5. I hear you.
    With my family all overseas - we count down to the next visit and HATE goodbyes.
    Sometimes I long for being able to see my Mum, Dad, sister or brother in moderation though!!
    We're in each others' faces 24/7 for a few weeks, then don't see each other for years.

    I hope this afternoon and the weekend lift your spirits.

  6. Awww I can only imagine how hard that would be Corinne. I am lucky in that way, as I haven't had to deal with that kind of separation. Makes it all the more harder when you have little ones I am thinking. But LOTS of lovely memories to think of... and those beautiful roses. They'll be back too I'm sure. Big hugs hun xoxo


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