Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Desert dwellers

Now the weather is cooler and the scorch of the sun has been replaced with a warm glow, we're getting outdoors much more. It's a treat to enjoy the sun at midday without fear of melting into a puddle on the ground. We're really loving discovering the beauty of the country away from the air conditioned shopping malls and man-made wonders. Both my and Skip's mum are visiting at the moment so we took them out to the desert (you don't have to go far to find it) to see the other side of Dubai. The kids had a ball climbing dunes and running and sliding in the silky soft sand. Soaking in the endless blue skies and horizons that stretch on forever.

Climbing dunes is tough work.

My childhood nickname of Rinny of Arabia has come true. 

Just in case we forget who's in charge.

I never tire of the incredible Middle Eastern sunsets.


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