Sunday 27 January 2013

Dazed in the dunes

We've just finished up a long weekend in the UAE (for the Prophet's Birthday), which is going to be the last public holiday for a very long stretch.

The weather is still blissfully cool, but over the weekend I felt a change. A subtle change, but a change none the less. It's staying lighter a little later and the sun in warming up. While it's beautiful, I can't help but feel a little afraid of what's coming.

To make the most of this top weather while we can, we went out to the desert with some friends for a BBQ. We drove about 30 minutes from home pulled up next to some dunes and climbed over to set up a little base.

The kids were in heaven running up the dunes and sliding down on boards. Darbs toddled around. The men took the 4WDs for a bash on the dunes (and got a little stuck at times). A small group went for a hike and found a camel skeleton. I sat and soaked it all in, in between chasing kids, munching lunch and chatting and laughing.

The more time I spend amongst the soft dunes the more I fall in love with it. The silence, the way the light hits the sand, the silky softness of the ultra fine sand, the fact that you may stumble upon a camel at any time.

I don't think my kids have had a more fun day. When we climbed in the car to come home they were caked with sand and exhaustion.

I still have to pinch myself that I live here. In the Middle East. With sand dunes and camels and endless blue skies.

I can't wait to get out there and do it again. I know if and when we leave, these are going to be the memories that are etched on all of our minds. How lucky are we?!


  1. beautiful, special and unique! such an amazing thing to experience rin xx

  2. Very lucky indeed Corinne, it looks amazing! I for one, would love all of that sun and warmth, ahhh bliss. Gorgeous photos, lovely memories captured xo

  3. What an experience is right!
    These photos are beautiful - you make the desert seem VERY appealing!

    1. Thanks! It is very appealing. I never thought the desert could be so wonderful and inspiring and beautiful. X

  4. I just look at these gorgeous pics and I cannot even begin to imagine the life you must be leading right now. You must seriously pinch yourself 50 times a day as it is so different to Australia. xx

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