Sunday 13 January 2013

The social network

We just finished our first 'proper' weekend since before our trip to Austria. It's been a busy time with Christmas dos and visitors, so it was lovely just to potter and do weekend stuff. Movies, furniture shopping, stopping for coffee, a kid's birthday party, playing in the park - an average weekend.

Now that life is back to normal, it's time to work on our social situation again. Throw out some lines, put ourselves out there and set up a social network. By the end of the year, I felt pretty exhausted from small talk and being 'on' all the time. I felt like I was constantly making playdates and coffee catch ups and drinks plans and nothing really coming to fruit. So I took a break.

Funnily enough I've had a few invites this week - a playdate, a girls night of tapas & cocktails and a friend coming over for coffee and chat - so we're definitely not lacking. But it would be nice to expand the circle, meet and speak to people we wouldn't ordinarily meet. Find more like-minded friends, set up a fun and interesting group of friends. I think that would be healthy for us all. It won't happen overnight but it's good to plant the seeds.

I'm also planning some time just for me and Skip, because that's important too. First plan? Tickets for The Stone Roses!

Now to get online and look up some gourmet nights, playgroups and tennis clubs...


  1. Happy to hear life is kicking along nicely and I think I might just be able to sneak myself into those future plans of expanding friendship circles. Looking forward to that coffee finally this week x

  2. Get on it Rinno! It's such huge part of this whole 'living away from home' bizo. Wish the kids back in Oz understood it more.

  3. It must still seem very surreal Corinne. I am in awe of your enthusiasm and organisation, because honestly, all of those things can be quite draining. But so worth it in the long run. Nothing great is ever achieved by sitting on our own in the corner. And I'm thrilled for you to be having some time out with your man, hope you got those tickets xo


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