Monday 28 January 2013

Foggy mornings and rainbow afternoons

For the past week, thick fog has swallowed up Dubai most mornings. It's really quite eerie and can sometimes last until lunchtime. The whiteout has caused chaos at the airport and on the roads. Especially when people drive with their hazard lights on, like it provides them with some sort of forcefield of safety. People, hazard lights aren't for fog!

We woke to yet another foggy morning today and many people have told me that it's signaling a change in the weather and that the temps will soon start to rise again. I can't believe winter is almost over with it's blissful mid-20 degree days.

Yesterday afternoon, like a tonic for the grey mornings, the kids took down some chalk to the playground. Within minutes there was a rainbow of colour and they were swarmed by other kids wanting to join the fun. It's amazing how something as simple as chalk can get a bunch of kids so excited and inspired. They drew rainbows and family portraits and hopscotch and ABCs. We came home covered in chalk dust but looking and feeling colourful.

Stopped at traffic lights, not sure what's on the other side!

Taken right out the front of Dubai's landmark Burj Al Arab. Can you see it? No? Neither could I.
On a normal day you can see it for miles around the city. 


  1. now thats my kind of fun! Chalky, messy and colourful xx

  2. Fog that thick always scares me when driving. You never know what lurks around each corner!

  3. All of that fog, it's like you're living in the Blue Mountains, not the desert! ;-)


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