Saturday 19 January 2013

Cold snap

It's mid-winter now in Dubai. So, what does that mean? It means lots of outside time - picnics, playing in the park, alfresco eating, going to the beach at midday, exploring the desert, walking just plain old walking outside. All the stuff that's impossible in summer. It means turning off the air con and escaping the prison of our home and the mall. All in all, it's fairly blissful.

This week, though, there's been a cold snap. It's been windy and the mornings have been cold - jeans and jumper cold. It's quite odd and every time I step outside I'm surprised by the goosebumps that quickly pop up. By lunchtime, it's warm enough to shed a few layers and soak in the sun. In fact the weather kind of reminds me of Sydney in the autumn, clear crisp days, cool breeze but warm in the sun. Endless blue skies.

There has been a slight over reaction though, you see people in gloves and scarves and big jackets, looking like they're ready for a Melbourne winter day. Stuff I wouldn't even wear in a Sydney winter.

I've enjoyed pulling on my trackies in the evening and getting inside to warm up. It's a nice change and I know it won't last long, so we're soaking it up. Before we know it we'll be looking at months and months of 40 plus temperatures and being locked inside. The summers are long, harsh and unrelenting, no southerly busters in Dubai to bring relief.

Yesterday morning, as I looked at my iPhone weather app I could have been forgiven for thinking that Sydney and Dubai got their forecasts mixed up.

What's you perfect temperature?


  1. Oh Corinne, that does sound quite lovely. I love your descriptions, I can picture it so vividly. And yes, would you believe it actually got to 46 at our place yesterday?? And guess what Scott & I had tickets to? The Big Day Out! It was scorching out there at Homebush, but that Southerly buster you mention came through at around 8pm... right as The Killers were taking to the stage... sweet relief. Such a good night.
    Enjoy that cool snap hun xo

  2. I die.
    Yesterday it was 34 degrees fahrenheit here which is 1.11 degrees celsius to you.
    I was freezing my butt off and even went over by the beach to see the Sandy destruction. I could barely be out of the car 5 minutes - teeth were chattering and my whole body practically shutting down. (Could have been dressed warmer for sure)
    However, realizing that Sydney is at over 110 degrees?
    I'm sweating at the thought of it!
    Temps in the 20's to me are sweet perfection...I would take it every day. Not too cold, not too hot....just right.

  3. 22 degrees is the business for me. It's why autumn is my favourite! Stay warm x

  4. I love a nice 30 degree day.
    Although, my house has been a lovely 25 degrees for the last few weeks as the air con has taken a hammering.
    So spoilt.
    So dreading the next power bill.

    Enjoy some cool relief there.
    :-) x


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