Friday 1 February 2013

The best medicine

After a fairly crappy week, Skip and I had planned to go the races on Thursday night and have dinner.

We both weren't in the best frame of minds when we left. A busy day at work for Skip and the head cold which half of Dubai had had starting to take effect. I'd had a fairly disastrous afternoon with some friends from school that ended abruptly with one child needing an emergency trip to the dentist.

Plug on we did though and good work we did. Dinner on the terrace, the best seat in the house, the horses thundering past. Delicious food and drinks. Good conversation. The perfect antidote to a forgettable week.

After dinner we went down to the bar for shisha. Enveloped in a sweet cloud of smoke we relaxed even more. Surrounded by young Emiratis watching soccer, smoking shisha and texting on their phones. Older German tourists laughing and hugging.

The only blip in the night was the drunken, foul-mouthed yobs who waited with us for a taxi. Lacking manners, class and brains, they do no favours for themselves.

Late to bed, I was cursing the 5am wake up call from Darbs. But it was worth it.


  1. Ah yes, a night out like that is definitely the best antidote. It's a shame it often takes so much effort to dig deep and actually do them though. Shame about the morons you encountered, that kind of thing really annoys me too, never understand why people who are obnoxious have to inflict themselves on others who are trying to have a good time... probably because they ARE obnoxious! Hope you have a great weekend Corinne xo

  2. Hooray! A lovely end after an awful week, so pleased you and Skip got some time out.
    Please tell me more about shisha, the smell, what it is etc? I know it's a big thing but would love to hear about the ritual of it.

  3. You have inspired me to get out to the race track! We have never been.
    Sounds like a perfect date night. Hope you have a better week x


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