Wednesday 8 August 2012


Well we have officially moved out of our house, but we're still in Sydney. Our flight dates have changed more than a few times and as of this morning we still are no clearer on when we are leaving.

Last week we were told we were going yesterday, now it's looking like next week.

At least we're ready. Packed, kids have finished school, all we need is the go ahead.

It messes with your head a little, I must say. You don't want to say premature goodbyes, but there's the knowledge in your head that you might get an email saying you're going tomorrow. It's a weird time, that's for sure. I'm sure everyone will be sick of us by the time we leave. "Will they just go already?!"

To make up for it, Sydney is putting on a show this week with fabulous weather. So the kids are playing and playing outside. We've been to the zoo. We've eaten out. We've been to the beach. Most of all, I'm just enjoying taking some time to breathe after a very hectic few weeks.

Thankfully, I have awesome in-laws who are happy to put us up and are very relaxed. It's comfortable and makes it very easy to stay. My mother-in-law has even got up to the baby some nights, winning!

I'm just soaking in Sydney at the moment. Every gargle of a magpie, every whiff of wattle, watching the kids chase the bush turkey in the backyard. It's all being put away in the memory bank.


  1. I was thinking of you the other day. Limbo is so hard. Enjoy your last days in the Sydney sunshine!!

  2. So crazy...glad you are looking on the positive side!
    Thinking about you lots....xoxo

  3. How annoying! But make the most of the MIL getting up to cubs. That is gold. x

  4. I hope you enjoy the last of your days in Sydney. How gorg is it out there today? I feel limbo-y myself too. Xx

    P23 xx

    1. Been thinking of you and checking twitter regularly for news. Xx

  5. What an uncertain time for you.
    I love your calm and perspective.
    Couldn't say I'd be the same!!

    Best of luck when that email arrives.

  6. Oh wow Corinne. You are coping way better than I would! I love your view on it and that you get some time to relax and soak up wonderful Sydney, before heading off. Cherish this lovely time.

  7. Wow, what a time of mixed emotions Corinne. I feel for you, not having a specific date and time yet, that must be really hard. But I love how you've tackled the challenge and are taking it as your opportunity to relax and enjoy beautiful Sydney before you go. You KNOW this city will always have you back, it'll just be here waiting for you all. Gorgeous photo of the girls, such pretty little ladies. Look forward to your next instalment... it's as much of a surprise for us as it is for you... you could be Dubai Corinne next time we hear from you xoxo

  8. I feel emotional FOR you!

    Goodbyes are so hard, especially when left in limbo.

    Soak up every aspect of Sydney, & sleep peacefully while ma in law wakes to little D - that's perfection right there, & how it should be ;)

    We'll all miss you so much!

    Thank god for the Internet, & the fact that you can still maintain a trans Atlantic blog ;)

    All the love to your family x


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