Monday 20 August 2012

Day 3 recap

Another day has flown by in Dubai and the one thing I've discovered is that nothing really makes sense here.

There's too much to write and I'm a little tired and hungry, so bullet points will have to suffice for now...

* We got lost in the desert for about an hour.

* We found our way back to a shopping mall and watched people snow ski indoors while it was 48 degrees outside.

* We ate burgers in public and celebrated the fact restaurants were open.

* We drank bad coffee.

* We got lost again and took a route to find some dinner that took us into a shopping mall car park mayhem (think the fish markets on Christmas Eve), a ghost highway, some streets filled with Eid revellers and back home without any food.

Now, we're back in our room waiting for some food to be delivered. I hope it comes soon!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention the car that flew past with two kids no more than 7 standing in the sunroof waving and yelling as they drove past and Lil saying: "That's really dangerous, that's why I don't like those holes in cars."

The food arrived, an arabic feast for under $20 for two of us. Yes, it's crazy good!


  1. Wow, this all sounds almost surreal. Thank you for the updates. And am SO THRILLED you found lurpak and vegemite - hurrah xx

  2. Lovely - keep the updates coming through - they are bringing back alot of memories!!! Keep cool, the heat doesnt last forever I promise!!!
    And yes - many aspects in the Middle East dont make sense at all but just go with it ... its alot easier ...

  3. Haha, this all sounds like you're in a topsy turvy world Corinne, much like Alice in Wonderland. But how fantastic! Love the story about the kids in the car, I agree with Lil, that is seriously dangerous xoxo

  4. Good luck with your adventure! I know what it is like to move across the world - enjoy the sun, as all I got was snow. And a rather fab husband.


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