Sunday 12 August 2012

This will be the last time

Another Saturday, another farewell. It's standard round here at the moment, I'm starting to feel a little like John Farnham. Just when you think you've said goodbye to us, here we are back again.

I would like to promise that last night was the last time, but like Johnny you can never be too sure.

Like any good farewell tour, all the classics have been pulled out. There has been a touch of nostalgia, a few laughs and a few tears. I can't get anyone to buy the T-shirts though.

The past few days there have been hugs, good wishes and dreams about when we'll see each other next. "Who knows, we may meet up again next Saturday, so don't get too down."

But I think it's really time for us to go, because unlike John, we realise that sometimes you've got to pack your bags, board that plane, get the hell out of here and let people actually miss you for a while.


  1. Wow. I feel for you all. Thinking that you are going, and then not going, and then thinking that you are going again, and then not....must do your head in a bit.

  2. Then you can do the 'comeback' tour. :-) xxx

  3. Haha, love the Johnny Farnham analogy. Scott and I always have a chuckle at him and his 'goodbye' tours.
    I can imagine you are well past the point now Corinne, nothing worse than not having your feet firmly planted somewhere. Hope the trip over is smooth and setting up your new pad is trouble free xoxo

  4. Johnny Farnham! He still hasn't really gone away, so be careful!

    It must be so hard to be in limbo for so long. I hope the move all goes well for you all, Corinne. x

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