Thursday 30 August 2012

Two week bleurgh

We've been here two weeks today. Two whole weeks. Some times it feels like two months, others it feels like two minutes.

The kids are getting restless and bored. House hunting is no fun. Getting in and out of the car in the blistering heat does all our heads in. With three kids you can only a small amount each day which is frustrating. They are busting to go and run and play in a park, but it's too hot. So we swim, to get their energy out, so much that their hair is turning green.

The rest of the time they're cooped up in the room while Darbs naps. They play with a handful of toys, draw and watch TV. Which was fine, but now they're over it. And so am I.

I'm tired of being cranky with them because they fight, hurt each other, break things because they're bored. I'm tired of house hunting. It's depressing.

They start school next week and they can't wait. Neither can I. It will be good for all of us. We need some space from each other. They need some stimulation and friends.

The days are long in this hotel room and I'm feeling bleurgh today. Like we'll never find somewhere to live. The longer it takes to find somewhere the harder is. It's the last day of the working week here, so it looks like it's going to be next week. Sigh.

I need a big shot of positivity and patience, because I have neither at the moment.


  1. hope you're ok Corinne. I think things will feel much better once you have a place and the kids have something to do.
    Was very jealous to hear that you have Waitrose, that was my local supermarket when I grew up. so so good!

  2. Oh hun, these first few weeks will be hard on all of you.

    I really hope you find a place soon. I think once that is sorted, you can finally start to unwind and relax alittle.

    Do you have an ipad/itouch? They can be LIFESAVERS in moments like these.

    Chin up girl. I hope tomorrow is a bright happy day for the fam xx

  3. It will get better, and when you're sorted and settled and into some sort of routine, it will be great. Try to just push through for now and know that it won't be forever. And don't you have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow too? Surely that's something to lift your spirits! Remember what was going on this time last year and how hard and shitty that all was, but you got through it and you now have a lovely, healthy nearly one year old! Tough times don't last forever.
    Can you email me your email address? Not sure what your current one is, and I want to bore you with tales of what's going on with me. If it's any consolation, I've had an equally crappy week, although for very different reasons!
    Take care and keep the blog posts coming. Love hearing how it's going. Say hi to the chicks for me.
    xx T

    1. Yes, you're right. Just having a bad morning. And it would never bore me to hear what's happening with you. xxx

  4. You poor thing Corinne, I would be feeling the exact same way. It's never good when you feel like you're living in-between homes. You just want to make one of them you're own. Totally understandable. Hope things ease up a bit once the girls start school, if nothing else it will give you a little time back to concentrate on Darbs & house hunting xo


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