Sunday 26 August 2012

Pushing the boundaries and opening up the world

I know I've only been here a week, yet I can't help but feel this was a really good decision. One that will change my life for the better whatever happens.

In just over a week, we've started to uncover a new city, a new region in the world. I've navigated myself around this town on the wrong side of the road. I've seen amazing sites. I've seen all three kids grow up just a little. I've seen Skip grow a little too. My mind has been opened.

Leaving was really scary. We had a good life, lots of friends, wonderful and supportive family. It was sad to leave that all behind. I see possibilities for us here, though, to live a great life and see so much and learn so much. We've brought all those people with us on our computer through Skype, Facebook, email and this blog, anyway.

I'm excited by possibilities I couldn't imagine a week or so ago. I know there are going to be weeks when I feel isolated or homesick, but that will pass.

Sometimes you have to push yourself, make yourself uncomfortable, feel the fear and do it anyway. See what your made of.

The good things in life don't often fall in your lap, you need to take risks and work for them

Go on, push yourself today. Push the boundaries and see the world open up in front of you.


  1. I could not be more happy for you!

    Good on you for feeling that fear, & pressing on anyway to make a better life for all.

    And yes, you had a good one here, but it sounds like you'll have a better one to come back to following your Dubai experience.

    And a bit of culture for your family?

    Priceless x

  2. Such a fantastic way to live - and ispire others too.
    :-) xx

  3. hear hear!!! love it rin! I hope the girls enjoyed their first day of school and that you are feeling your way into a new routine... with Darby in tow? Or by your toe!! xxx

  4. I have been following along on your blog with great excitement and its so lovely to read you sounding so upbeat and enthused! I left the UK with my husband and 4 month old baby six years ago to move to Australia where I had never lived before and honestly, stepping out of my comfort zone was the best thing I could ever have done! Keep bringing us your stories, I am fascinated!

  5. Corinne Carol Campbell Draper - best words I have ever read from you ...

    ''The good things in life don't often fall in your lap, you need to take risks and work for them''

    So so true lovely - thank you!!!

    Keep writing please - your blog is the best read at the moment over my morning cuppa


  6. Welcome to Dubai! I am also an Aussie expat mumma living in this strange new world. Brooke from Little Miss Moi introduced me to your blog.
    I have been here almost a year and experienced all the ups and downs of this crazy world.
    Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions AT ALL, or if you are brave enough (promise I am not a stalker or weirdo) I would be more than happy to meet over a coffee when you are settled. I know how lonely and frustrating it can be at times and wish someone had extended a hand for me 12 months ago.
    I blog at if you want to read some of our tales.

    Welcome once again x

  7. Love love love this Corinne. You are so incredibly inspiring & your journey is equally as inspirational. I am often one to second guess myself & be a bit of a scaredy cat, but reading posts like this reinforces that I can do whatever I want to. Take on the world kinda stuff, well done Mama xo

  8. Carly you sound lovely! ok Corinne, you have to meet up and report back

    xx Mrs P23.

  9. You give me goosebumps. It all sounds so scary, and yet so exciting. You're very brave. I'm enjoying reading about your journey x

  10. Beautiful Lambchops. Did you get my txt? do you still use your phone? JBX


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