Monday 20 August 2012

Putting on the brakes - Kmart Tyre and Auto review

Packing up your life and moving to another country is not easy. There is a lot of stuff to do. Top of our lists was to sell one of our cars, which was in perfect condition but the brakes were squeaky even though they were perfect. Squeaky brakes definitely don't make a car an attractive purchase. 

The peeps from Kmart Tyre and Auto offered to have my car serviced to help me out, so of course I said "Yes, please!" because I really don't enjoy visiting the mechanic, especially when you get that call shortly after you drop off the car. You know that call is going to mean $$$$.

I booked the car in and the guys were friendly and polite, I explained I wanted to fix my squeaky brakes and they told me they'd do their best.  Skip and I dropped off the car and before too long they'd called and said they'd found the problem and that the car would be ready by lunchtime.

Well before lunchtime we got another call saying the car was now squeak free and ready to be collected. We found our Territory out the front, it was looking schmick, it had been washed and the tyres blackened. The keys handed back with a smile. I thought for sure they knew I was writing a review but they seemed surprised when Skip handed over the voucher and explained why, so this must be their everyday service. 

The whole experience was a complete pleasure. Thanks Kmart Tyre and Auto, if we could just sell that car now!

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