Friday 10 August 2012

Transit lounge

We've spent the past week at my in-laws. Waiting, visiting people, doing a lot of 'one-lasts' and generally just hanging out.

There has been too much eating and I'm getting fatter and fatter. For the sake of my bum we need to get our visas soon!

The best part of my in-laws house is their big backyard. The kids have spent most afternoons playing, exploring, creating and wearing themselves out. Darbs crawls around eating leaves, Lil and Goose create intrigue games of make-believe and when that runs out they climb on the bush turkey nest. We sit happily in the sun and watch them, knowing that soon enough it's going to be too hot to even step outside longer than a moment.

It's peaceful and as the sun starts to set the massive gum tree glows like it's lit up with fluorescent tubes.

After the kids have gone to bed we sit outside and chat with Skip's family, have a few glasses of wine and a ciggie. So not what we do at home, it's like being on holiday. As I said, we need to get our visas to break these  bad habits!

When I think back to this weird time, I know I'm going to picture this back yard.


  1. Was a gorgeous place to spend your transit week - creating new memories for your transitional time. xx

  2. Perfect place to soak up the last Australian moments. Ciggies and all x

  3. Oh I love it! Enjoy and rest up for your adventure xx

  4. What a beautiful memory to have though. You poor things, still waiting waiting. Another day closer Corinne, stay strong xoxo


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