Monday 5 July 2010

What a con

I love my Converse. I really do.

I recently bought this pair on eBay for half the retail price, which makes me love them even more.

I remember the first pair of Converse I had was when I was about 13. They were purple and had a dinosaur pattern on them.

In the mid '90s I went for a pair of suede one stars which I loved until they fell apart. I then betrayed my beloved Converse and bought a pair of Vans, which I equally loved.

I'm not much of a shoe gal, but I look down at these lovelies and smile.


  1. i was never a con girl, always loved doc's, but my kids love them & they are great to look at. I love to take pics of my little one in her cons ♥
    hope you have a happy week Corinne

  2. I love Converse!! My daughter has a pair of black regular ones & a pair of pink high-tops, but she's only 6 months old & can't fit in them yet, but I'm still excited!! They'll fit her when she's about 2 I think.

  3. OK details required please. I NEED some new cons (we are a con family well and truly) and half price? Yes please!

  4. They look fabulous!!!

  5. Yay for new Cons! I'm wearing my red Converse to death, I wish I still had my Cons from Japan. They had a multi-coloured polka dot lining and I loved them so much until they fell apart last year. I want to go back to Japan purely for a Converse shopping spree as they're half the price of Australian ones over there. I can't begin to count how many pairs I've gone through over the years. Some met rather amusing ends ... I'm going to write about them now!

  6. Love them. I'm a low rider girl myself, but you cannot get a more comfy pair of shoe. And nothing looks better with tracky daks LOL.

  7. I love a pair of Cons. There's always one pair in my cupboard. I am inspired by Sarah and her red ones - I can feel a shopping spree coming on.

  8. They made a huge comeback this past school year with elementary aged children.
    My daughter had hot pink ones she loved to death all year!
    Myself, I would love a crisp pair of navy ones!


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