Thursday 22 July 2010

Two years ago today...

I was rushing around like a chook with my head cut off. I was trying to get a whole lot of chores done before my bubba arrived.

I awoke in the morning feeling like it could be the day. I was booked in to see my accountant to do my tax return, the one last thing to cross off the to-do list before she was allowed to arrive. Driving across town I was dreaming about what it would be like to have another newborn. I felt pretty god-damn awful and it must have showed as the accountant jokingly asked if he should call an ambulance.

Tax done, I headed back across town for an appointment with my obstetrician who after examining me firmly told me that today was not the day. I felt a bit upset and disappointed as I had felt so sure. Skip said to the doc: "Ha ha, I'm sure we'll be seeing you at 3am!" With the doc replying: "No way! I have golf tomorrow I can't be tired."

Skip and I went home to a lamb roast my mum had cooked. I got Lil-lil ready for bed and as I was reading her a book a pain kicked in. "You kay, mama?" Lil-lil asked. "Of course, I am darling.", I said thinking, if I'm not about to have a baby why do I feel so bad.

Sure enough, minutes after putting her to bed I had my first contraction. I tried to get some sleep but before I knew it, it was midnight and time to call mum to come back to look after Lil-lil.

Sure enough, little Goosey was born a couple of minutes past three. The doctor shook his head, "You got the time spot on, I can't believe it."

Goosey, you've brought such joy and hilarity to our lives. Your cheeky smile and the sparkle in your eye is pure mischief. You light up the room and everyone who meets you falls under your spell. In between your comedic moments, you have such concern for your big sister. You adore Lil-lil so much and would do almost anything for her. There was a time when I couldn't imagine you in our lives, now I couldn't dream of you not being a part of our family. You're determined and strong and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you. All I can say is, I pity anyone who gets in your way.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I hope tomorrow is full of fun. We love all you so much.


  1. happy birthday to your little girl!

    hope you all had a good day.
    enjoy the two yr old sweet giggles & cuddles.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Goosey!

  4. Happy Birthday Goosey, hope you have a magical day..........and a belated one to your Mum. Apologies I haven't been to get near a computer since my darling no. 2 arrived. The girls have been keeping me busy trying out new weird and wonderful illnesses, because obviously a newborn isn't enough of a challenge!! Wow, 2 already, where does the time go. Sad we all can't be there to wish it in person... but Happy Birthday from Me, Shelt, Bella and Matilda. Hopefully we will be able to share one with you in the near future. xxxxx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely Goosey!!!!! Hope you have a lovely sunny day and that your tiny party is filled with much fun and surprises! May you always carry that cheeky smile where ever you may roam!!! xxxx


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