Monday 12 July 2010

Birthday bliss

As I've mentioned, I never used to be that fond of birthdays. This year may have changed all that for good. This year I was surrounded by some of my favourite people, who spoiled me rotten. I had a few celebrations too which stretched out the fun.

It was wonderful to spend precious time with my nearest and dearest and eat, drink and laugh. It was such a sweet surprise to receive some truly lovely, thoughtful gifts from some dear friends. 

It was lovely to spend the day with my gorgeous girls, though they did run me ragged on a trip to the aquarium.

It was blissful to spend rare time alone with Skip. Who completely outdid himself and spoiled me with some very thoughtful, luxurious gifts.

All in all, I felt extremely special and very loved, which was the best birthday pressie of all. Mothering can be a lonely gig sometimes and I have found that it's easy to forget there are a whole heap of people out there who care for you. This birthday was a nice reminder that I'm incredibly blessed with an incredible family and fabulous friends.

The Vietnamese clan have jetted home and so life feels like it's getting back to normal. Time to get back to day-to-day reality.

This morning I've scrubbed floors and cupboards, in an attempt at an early spring clean. I think this is going to continue for the rest of the week as I feel like it's time to get the house in order, clear the cobwebs out and prepare for the next adventures. Oh, and take try and take a breath as well.


  1. How lovely! So glad you had a gorgeous day to be spoiled and surrounded by love xx

  2. Haaaaappy birthday! If you can't love your birthday, what day can you love? Glad you've come around to the happiness factor!

  3. Oh how great!!! So glad for you..... Loved the third last para.... beautiful words

  4. That was well said!!! Haapppppy Birthday to you!!!

  5. Glad you got some good loving on your birthday!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! Good for you!!


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