Friday 30 July 2010

Ballet bliss

Lil-lil started ballet last week and today was her second lesson. She loves it. She gets excited about going each week, especially as she goes with her good friend.

I love seeing all the little girls in their fairy dresses, it's amazingly cute. When I was growing up I really wanted to do ballet. I imagined beautiful dresses and gorgeous slippers, I was horribly upset when I learnt I'd have to wear an ugly old leotard. I was even more distressed when the end of year concert rolled around as my class were told we were to be rosebuds, then a week later they made us goldfish – goldfish! You can imagine how appealing that was to a little girl! From rosebud to goldfish, it was one of the worst things that had happened to me. At least they didn't make me a tadpole, which was the other option available.

We were also focused on exams, eisteddfods and the like, which is pretty stressful for little girls. It was all very serious, not really to be enjoyed. Our teacher reminded us of all frequently of all the hard work we'd have to do if we wanted to be ballerinas. I think the majority of the class was like me and just wanted to dance and have fun, I don't think many of us seriously expected to be in the Australian Ballet.

So, seeing these littlies prancing about in their tulle and sparkles is delightful. They feel and look like little princesses. Sure, when they get older, lessons can become more disciplined and serious if that's what they want, but for the moment the joy they get out of it is wonderful. I'm sure they are going to have such gorgeous memories of it when they're older. Me? Well I still have those photos dressed as a goldfish to keep my ballet dreams alive.


  1. There is nothing sweeter than little girls dressed up for ballet class.

  2. I love little ballerinas.
    Too bad my Noodle is a ballet school drop out.

  3. I was not allowed to do ballet as a girl. Apparently I was too heavy on my feet according to the lady running the class! What did the world miss I wonder!!

  4. Just gorgeous- I loved ballet as a child. i wish I'd stuck to it.

  5. I loved this post. The fact that you treasure those goldfish images is priceless ! I think it's great that young children get to enjoy ballet to start with, because you are right, once they got older, and when it becomes potentially vocational, well, that's when it really gets hard. The only thing I would add is that when the children are young, even though they are having fun, it's vital, absolutely vital, that they have a good teacher. If they don't work their bodies properly when young, they could be ruling out a potential career before it's even begun, which is heartbreaking ! LOVED your post, brilliantly written. Thank you

  6. Oooh whereis she doing it? Daisy is DESPERATE to start but the only place I could find clashed with swimming lessons. I guess we can start when we get down south anyway!


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