Tuesday 27 July 2010

The right medicine

I was trying to start this week full of positivity, energy and goodness. The universe is trying to trip me up though.

I woke on Sunday night to two little girls burning up with a fever, then Skip got on a plane and headed interstate for the rest of the week and my poor old mum is in hospital, with day surgery leading to two nights in hospital due to a reaction to anaesthetic. Not the makings of a calm week. Despite all this, I don't feel too bad (beside the slight cold I have).

Skip kindly stocked the fridge full of food before he left and so I've only had to go out to get Panadol. The rest of the time, the girls and I have snuggled on the couch watching telly, reading books and dozing. In a strange kind of way it's been nice after a hectic few weeks.

Skip sounds like he's getting good work done without the distraction of home life. Mum will be fine once the effects of anaesthetic wear off.

So all-in-all it's not end of the world stuff. Actually I've been given time to dream, think and ponder, which is a rarity in the chaos that usually unfolds. It's nice to let the gogs whir and churn.

Image by Filomena Scalise


  1. Good ole contemplation is sometimes good for the soul!

  2. oh rin.... I hope the girls and mum will be ok...what a shock to the start of the week! Never dull on your household that is for sure! give them all a big squeeze from me..xx

  3. sending you hugs & good to hear things are ok.
    hope you get a good ol sleep ♥

  4. Hope your mom and the girls (and you too) are on the mend soon. Until then, enjoy the slower pace. I love some good daydreaming time myself.

  5. Lovely attitude. I'm glad you've seen the sunny side.

  6. What a horrible start to the week. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. Sometimes a few days at home are what you need, even if it is enforced by fevers and sick children. Sorry that they're sick - hope they (and your mum!) are on the mend now.


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