Tuesday 6 July 2010

Everyone needs a friend like Fiona

Everyone deserves a friend who can make them laugh with a chuckle that begins right down in the bottom of your belly and rises into a whole body shuddering guffaw.

Everyone needs a friend with a heart of gold, who has so much concern that she pre-warns her co-workers about her upcoming birthday so they don't get embarrassed on the day.

Everyone needs a friend who has more cousins and aunties than you can poke a stick out.

Everyone needs a friend who can come up with a nickname in the blink of a eye.

Everyone needs a friend who can whip up baked goods like a pro, yet not eat them herself - now that's selfless.

Everyone needs a friend who reads your blog faithfully, sends you concerned emails when she thinks things may not be so rosy and says "Thank God!" when you tell them you have blog posts scheduled for while you're away on holidays.

Everyone needs a friend like Fiona. Thankfully, I have one.

Happy birthday, Fi. I hope all your dreams come true and stay as fabulous as you are.


  1. Thank goodness for good friends. Happy birthday Fiona!

  2. Lindsay Hewish Mummy & Artist15 July 2010 at 10:30

    Greetings, I am Lindsay, Fiona's Mummy. I say that Fi Fi has brough sunshine and love to me every day of her life, each moment I spend with her is more precious than the last.
    I support and admire her every whim, whisk and wish!!
    Fiona is indeed a "Hummingbird" bringng you, peace and love to everyone she touches. Blessings..................


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