Monday 19 July 2010

Let them eat cake!

I've known for a while that I live in a bit of a bubble. I've talked about it here once or twice before. There's a whole world of pop culture going on and I'm completely oblivious to it. Not that I mind. It makes me chuckle, it makes me realise that I'm getting old, just like my parents who I rolled my eyes at when they asked about the latest craze. Once upon a time, I knew everything about everything, now I know very little, unless it's about Toy Story or Disney Princesses.

Though, in recent weeks, I've been reminded of this 'other' world and just how ignorant I am. It would seem that I am the only person in Australia who doesn't watch Masterchef. A couple of weeks ago, the favourite on the show was booted off and it made the TV news bulletin and the front page of the paper. I had no idea who she was or why it was such a big deal.

A few days later while at my birthday dinner, I was informed that the venue I chose had appeared on the show. Everyone chatted excitedly about it and when I revealed that I've never watched it there were gasps, people were both amazed and horrified. "How could you have never watched it?" "Ummm, I don't know I never have and it doesn't interest me." "But you guys are such foodies!"

Fast forward another week, Skip, the girls and I head down to Balmain and as we pass Adriano Zumbo I'm flabbergasted at the queue out the door. "What on earth's going on?" I splutter. "It's all about Masterchef, people are travelling and waiting for hours to buy stuff." "But why?" "Because he's on Masterchef.""Yeah, but why do people care so much just cause he's on a TV show??"

Now, I love Zumbo and all, but waiting in line just to get in the shop? Crazy! Taking photos of yourself in front of the sign?? Madness!! It made me realise once again how powerful the media can be. I looked across the road at Victoire, another Balmain bakery, empty. Now, they do some great stuff too. Hell, Neil Perry uses their bread in his restaurant and he knows a thing or two about food, but they haven't appeared on a TV show, so there's no queue out there door.

I felt like telling people in the queue that you could go round the corner to a cafe where the sell Zumbo stuff, but I guess it's not the quite the same. Not that I'm bitching. Good on Zumbo, if you can do it, why not. It's also good for the other businesses on the strip, as long as the queue at my favourite coffee place doesn't get too busy.

I feel a bit of a fool though, as few weeks ago I told a friend who's into baking and cakes that she should check out Zumbo. I thought I was imparting a secret, little did I know he's already a household name. In my head he's just a guy who has an interesting little shop in a nearby suburb.

Oh well, at least I still know more than Skip, I can fill him in about Lady Gaga and feel like the queen of pop culture. I'm lapping it up while it lasts because I know that as the girls grow my reign won't last long.

Image courtesy of Masterchef.


  1. I used to be the queen of the music scene, now I rely on Franz to fill me in on new bands.
    As far as pop culture goes, Charlie and I fight over People magazine and race to be the first to tell each other any celebrity "dirt" etc.
    You would think we know these people on a personal basis...what losers! lol

  2. haha don't worry Corinne we don't even receive channel 10 out in the OHT! NO IDEA! And it is blissful!! xx


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