Friday 2 July 2010

Ciao for now

Well folks, I am going away with my family for a break. My girls and their cousins are going to get time and space to play, frolic and generally have a wonderful time. I'm going to get time to spend with my brothers, their wives and my mum. I envisage lots of laughter, lots of reminiscing and lots of silliness.

Precious, precious time that comes very rarely. Memories that will last a lifetime will be made, I'm very sure.

I've got a few posts that will magically pop up while I'm away, so you won't miss me too much.

Have a fab week!



  1. Are you going to that sweet little cottage on the beach? I wish I was! Have a fun break. I love holidays.

  2. Have a great holiday.

  3. Have a fantastic break! Sounds like you really deserve it with so much on your plate at the moment.


  4. Maxabella - I wish I was going to this beach house, we're actually going to a caravan park, but a girl can dream!


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